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Playoffs Picks & Pans

There's probably going to be at least one upset in this weekend's games. However, I just don't know which one it will be. You see, I like all the home teams in each of the four games this weekend. At the same time, if there's going to be an upset, I see it in the NFC games, but not the AFC.

Here's why:

Green Bay over Seattle (Saturday)
The Pack are monsters at home while the Seahawks are not anywhere as threatening and dominant on the road as they have been at home. To me, the Packers may be a team of destiny as they have so many options on both sides of the ball. As long as Brett Favre stays in there, there's no way I can see them losing a playoff game on the frozen tundra (I always love saying that!) of Lambeau Field. Wouldn't it be great to see them win, the Giants upset Dallas, Green Bay win the NFC Championship at home and then watch them upset the Pats in the Super Bowl!? It's not too far fetched, but I can dream, right?

New England over Jacksonville (Saturday)
Even though the Jaguars are the hot item right now and the likely pick for the upset, I can't see the best team in the league, at home, in their cold, windy and maybe even snowing elements, losing this game. Jacksonville is a tough, physical team, perhaps the most of all the teams in the playoffs. That's how they beat up the Steelers last week. However, something tells me the Pats won't shy away from the physical aspect of tonight's game, and have faced similar tests in the latter part of their season. Both the Eagles and Ravens manhandled them during the regular season and came close, but both games were on the road with slightly less riding on the games. Call me an idiot, but a little voice in my head says that coach Belichick will have his team ready for the Jags. Patriots win, although I'm not too sure if they'll cover the two touchdown spread.

Indianapolis over San Diego (Sunday)
This one should be the biggest point spread of the weekend in my opinion. When the Chargers defeated the Colts in the regular season, Peyton Manning had SIX interceptions and the Colts still should have won that game. If you barely win at home on Monday Night Football after getting that many turnovers, then how in the world do you expect to win on the road without your QB's favorite target (Gates)? Indy takes care of business and gets revenge by crushing the Chargers in this one.

Dallas over NY Giants (Sunday)
Everyone's jumping aboard the Eli Manning bandwagon, and I'm left here all alone just waving goodbye. That's what me and the Cowboys will be doing after Sunday's game as well. Sorry, but after dropping two to Dallas by 10 and 11 points in the regular season, what makes you think that the Giants will just waltz into Dallas' crib and waltz right back out with a victory? Eli has proved his inconsistency over his entire career and I just can't see him continuing his streak of decent games tomorrow afternoon. Neither Jessica Simpson nor TO's ankle sprain will have any negative effect on this outcome. Jessica cleared out Tony's cobwebs (and tubes, too!) last week and do you remember how well TO did in the Super Bowl after breaking his leg less than two months earlier? This is an ankle sprain, not a broken leg, and TO has been seen running pain free and will be a force in this game just as he was in the first two.

All in all, if there was going to be an upset this weekend, it would have to be in either of the two NFC games. If so, I stand in humble correctness. Unfortunately, I just don't see it coming. Let the games begin!

Last Week: 3-1
Season Record: 104-65


Which team has the best chance of an upset this weekend?

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  • 7%
    Seattle over GreenBay
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  • 21%
    Jacksonville over New England
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  • 21%
    San Diego over Indianapolis
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  • 50%
    NY Giants over Dallas
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