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Still no word on Ravens Coach

With the word on the home front quiet now that the second round of the playoffs are about to begin, I'll turn my attention to picking the four games this weekend in tomorrow's posting. For all we know, the Ravens have made their choice and if it is one of the playoff teams' coaches, then the Ravens can't finalize anything until they lose or the Super Bowl ends, whichever comes first. Personally, I don't see the need for any additional interviews, as the Ravens have interviewed a lot of coaches, from diverse football backgrounds. My belief is that if the Ravens wanted Rex Ryan to be their next coach, they would have made that announcement by now. With that in mind, my choices, in order, to be the next head coach of the Baltimore Ravens would be:

Jason Garrett (Cowboys):
He would rebuild the offense and have a great influence on whomever ends up being the next QB.

Jim Caldwell (Indy):
Coming from Tony Dungy's staff and working alongside Peyton Manning make a great resume. You'd have to think a lot would rub off on him that he could bring to the Ravens.

Jim Schwartz (Tennessee):
A local guy who went to high school here and an excellent defensive coordinator who would probably leave the defense alone and hire a strong offensive coordinator.

I didn't mention Dallas' Tony Sparano, as I see him as the next Dolphins coach.

As far as the others:
Cowher: NO! NO! NO!
Either Schottenheimer: No retreads, or their worthless kids!
John Harbaugh: Not as head coach, but he could come on as d-coordinator.