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Week 14 Picks & Pans

While my Ravens didn't quite win the game Monday night against the Patriots, they certainly covered the spread by far. However, I pick the games straight up, so even if I thought New England would cover, they still won as I thought, as painful as it was to watch at the end. Hopefully, Brian Billick had a bunch of them sitting in 'Time Out' to teach them a lesson that they can take to the field against the Indianapolis Colts this Sunday night, once again on a national stage. Can they play to such a high level twice in the same season, much less two weeks in a row, and on prime time? I'll preview the Ravens-Colts game in tomorrow's posting. As far as the other games, well here goes:

Jacksonville over Carolina
This game has the makings of a blowout, as the Jags are finalizing their playoff plans and the Panthers QB's are fighting to see who gets to stay off the field!

Philadelphia over NY Giants
Donovan McNabb returns, this time with a healthy left tackle to protect him, while the Giants may be walking into an angry Eagles team with revenge on its mind.

Cincinnati over St. Louis
I would have picked the Bengals even if Rams QB Marc Bulger was playing. Now that his concussion looks to be keeping him out of the game, it's even going to be even uglier.

Tampa Bay over Houston
The Bucs are getting ready for the playoffs while the Texans are getting ready for vacations. Enough said.

Buffalo over Miami
I don't know what's more surprising, the Dolphins's winless season continuing or the Bills staying in the playoff hunt with a win!?

Green Bay over Oakland
The Pack should take care of business in frosty Lambeau Field, while Oakland's JaMarcus Russell may get a taste of the frozen tundra.

Dallas over Detroit
The free fall for the Lions continues as the Cowboys will both run and pass all over them. My only hope is that my fantasy QB, Jon Kitna, throws for over 300 yards in the loss, with a TD or two to my fantasy WR, Charles Johnson. Ouch!

Tennessee over San Diego
All season long, just as it seemed the Chargers were back on track, they go on the road and lay an egg. Meanwhile Tennessee is fighting for the final Wild Card spot and with the big guy back in the middle of the defense, the going will be rough for San Diego.

Minnesota over San Francisco
The Vikings have rebounded and are the frontrunners for a Wild Card spot, while the 49ers are playing for jobs next year.

Seattle over Arizona
The Seahawks are looking for a dose of revenge and to put the Cardinals to sleep as a surprising playoff contender.

NY Jets over Cleveland
Yes, one of my upset specials of the week. The Browns just have not played well on the road, while you shouldn't forget what the Jets did to the Steelers a couple of weeks ago.

New England over Pittsburgh
Don't be swayed by what the Eagles and my Ravens did to the Patriots over the past two weeks. The Pats are at home for the first time in three weeks, and the Steelers are very ordinary team on the road, as evidenced by their mediocre 2-3 record and losses to three average teams (Cardinals, Broncos, Jets).

Denver over Kansas City
The Broncos seem to play pretty good at home, especially on national TV, while the Chiefs are having major QB problems in addition to missing their #1 offensive threat in the backfield.

Atlanta over New Orleans (Monday night)
A small upset pick, but without a healthy Reggie Bush, the only chance will be for Drew Brees to light it up all night. If so, expect the Falcons defense to rise up with a couple of turnovers and run Warrick Dunn all night, mixed in with a pass or three to Algie Crumpler.

Last Week: 9-6
Season Record: 62-40 (includes Thursday)