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It's just my opinion, but...

...I see the Vikings claiming the last Wild Card playoff spot in the NFC. the AFC, it will come down to either Cleveland or Tennessee, but it's so close that it might end up being decided by the second or third tie-breakers.

...the Bears blew whatever chance they had at the playoffs with their collapse against the Giants.

...I couldn't believe the incredible move Minnesota's Adrian Peterson put on the Lions defender on his TD run last week in his first game back since suffering a knee ligament injury only three weeks ago!

...don't expect the Steelers to derail the Patriots run to perfection, as they have proven to be just a very average road team this season, having lost to the Broncos, Cardinals and Jets.

...on the same topic, the Pats will go on to a perfect 19-0 season, absolutely blowing away the 1972 Dolphins in the scope of their accomplishment (just deal w/ it, Shula!).

...the Dolphins blew their best chance of winning a game by getting blasted at home against the Jets, as their only hope now is against the improving Ravens on December 16.'s obviously either Arkansas' Darren McFadden or Florida's Tim Tebow for the Heisman Trophy, and McFadden will win, as he will be a great NFL back, and besides, they won't give it to a college sophomore.

...staying with the college game, as pissed off as Georgia is at not getting a "better" opponent for their bowl game, Hawaii and Colt Brennan will beat them in the Sugar Bowl.

...while the Packers lost to the Cowboys in Dallas by 10 points, they did so mostly without Brett Favre, Charles Woodson and KGB, and when they play in the NFC Title game, it could easily turn out differently if they're at full strength.

...while the Chargers seem to be getting better and the Steelers are always a tough team, it will still come down to Indy at New England for the AFC Title (duh!).

...Sean Taylor's senseless death reinforced that the NFL players from the "U" have the tightest fraternity in the league.

...not that I care at this point in the season, but the Bears should defeat the Redskins on Thursday night, although neither team is playing postseason football anyway.

And finally, it's just my opinion, but...while it's the easy and obvious reaction to criticize the Ravens players for their meltdown and subsequent post-game comments in their loss to the Patriots, you just can't relate to the emotional level that they play at and fully expect them to turn it off as soon as the game clock stops, especially looking at their frustrations at what has been a demoralizing and miserable 2007 season.