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Late afternoon game times suck!

The Ravens-Steelers game has been moved from a 1pm start to 4:15pm start. This is the prerogative of the NFL, as it wants to align the games that have similar playoff possibilities. I am a season ticket holder and personally hate the later afternoon start times for many reasons. First of all, you miss watching the 1pm games on TV, as you have to leave for the stadium around that time in order to get parking and tailgate. I have Sirius Satellite Radio and get all the games through the NFL Network, but it's not the same thing as watching on TV. Of course you miss all the other 4pm games as well. With the 1pm start time, you usually get home in time to watch most of the later games. In addition, you have a relaxing dinner as you prepare to settle in and watch the 8pm game. The whole day is much more settled, planned and relaxing in its schedule, while the 4pm start breaks things up and has me discombobulated (great word, eh?). You wake up at your normal time, but really can't do much, as you have to get ready to leave around 1pm. You're psyched for the game, but must wait until mid-afternoon before it starts.

On the flip side, if your team is away for a 4:15pm gametime, it is the best of all. You can relax all day, lounging in front of the TV, watching the 1pm games unfold. When 4pm rolls around you get back on the couch to watch your team finally get on the field and then make sure the wife has dinner ready for halftime. Finally you trudge upstairs to hop into bed to watch the 8pm game in your pajamas (if you ever even changed out of them in the first place). What a wonderful football day!

Besides, with the Ravens-Steelers game most likely being a stinker, especially for us Ravens fans, getting home later in the evening after losing really sucks the rest of the night. The game will feature the Ravens backups, who have been playing for weeks now, while the Steelers will probably roll to a big lead in the first half and then play their backups most of the second half. At least if it plays out like this, perhaps I can spare myself the pain of watching what will probably look like a pre-season game full of players you'll need a program to identify and head out around halftime to get home to the wife, kids and dogs a heck of a lot earlier!

Can you say bor-ing?