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It's just my opinion, but...

...the Ravens and other teams that are out of the playoffs should not be favored over the playoff teams that have already clinched and might be resting their starters.

...the playoff teams that rest their starters for the entire game always seem to be a little off the next week.

...however, if they play their starters at least the first half, they'll be rested enough for the playoffs.

...therefore, if the starters play the first half, these playoff "underdogs" should still win with their backups playing their hardest to prove themselves in their limited action.

...even with Pittsburgh playing their backups, I still don't see the Ravens beating the Steelers Sunday.

...with the terrible luck the Ravens have had this season, they'll win and drop a bunch of slots in the 2008 Draft order.

...I still think the Ravens should draft a corner with their first pick in the 2008 draft.

...if they get a corner in free agrency (Assante Samuel, Marcus Trufant?), then they should then go for that franchise QB (Ryan, Woodson, Brohm) with their first pick.

...if they don't get a corner in free agency and do take one with their first pick, there still should be a couple of excellent prospects at QB by the time they make their second pick (Colt Brennan, Joe Flacco, Eric Ainge).

...based on my QB comments, it's pretty apparent to me that Troy Smith will not be the QB of the future for the Ravens.'s going to be difficult to determine who is the future, as the offensive system is so messed up here in Baltimore that the Ravens would have probably screwed up Peyton Manning if he was here as a rookie!

...this means Billick must turn over the gameplan to someone else, keep his mouth shut and, "move b*tch, get out da' way!"

...for some reason, I find the previous scenerio doubtful, whether or not he finds a new offensive coordinator.

...this means I don't have too much confidence that you will see a noticeable difference in the offensive gameplan.

...however, if the team returns healthy, with a few new starters through the draft and free agency, you will see much better execution and therefore much better results, as this team still has a decent nucleus and if healthy in those key positions, the Ravens can still compete for a playoff spot in 2008.