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Week 16 Picks & Pans

I realize that I usually do this on Saturdays, but with yesterday's game (I would have taken the Rams in an upset- oops!)and the one tomorrow, I thought I'd pick today to give you all the time to find your bookies to bet the house (remember, these picks are straight up, not against the spread!). Anyway, here goes:

Dallas over Carolina (Saturday night)
The Cowboys need a good game to bounce back and get QB Tony Romo back on track (and Jessica Simpson off the hook!).

Jacksonville over Oakland
I hear we'll get a healthy dose of rookie JaMarcus Russell. It may not be a great afternoon for him, as he'll probably be running for his life all day against a tough Jaguar defense.

Philadelphia over New Orleans
Donovan McNabb is going to do everything he can to let the Eagles brass know what a mistake they'll be making after he leaves for another team in 2008. The Saints should win this game, but have been so inconsistent this year that I can't pick them here, even at home in a must-win situation!

Kansas City over Detroit
Even at home, I just can't seem to believe the Lions can win another game this season after starting 6-2. The Chiefs may have LJ back and that should be enough.

Cincinnati over Cleveland
The Browns are a playoff team, but they still haven't impressed on the road. The Bengals still have a little fight and pride left and would love win the Battle of Ohio after what Derek Anderson did to them earlier in the season (51-45 Browns win in Cleveland).

Green Bay over Chicago
The Pack is hungry for the home field advantage if they can win out and get the Cowboys to lose one more time. The Bears are still QB-challenged and looking forward to vacation.

Buffalo over NY Giants
The loss of tight end Jeremy Shockey will hurt the Giants while the Bills are a tough team at home and will upset the still playoff bound NY Football Giants.

Indianapolis over Houston
The Colts continue onward while the Texans play tough, but are outgunned offensively.

Arizona over Atlanta
The Cardinals shouldn't have any trouble passing all over the Falcons, who have suffered so much both on and off the field.

Tampa Bay over San Francisco
The Bucs are streaking towards the playoffs, although they are never a lock on the road, while Shaun Hill is just another name in the long list of 49er QB's to give it a go.

New England over Miami
The Pats continue towards perfection while Miami goes back to doing what they do best - lose.

Tennessee over NY JetsThe Titans are hanging by a thread for a playoff spot and need the Browns to falter, while the Jets can't seem to find a QB who wants to stick around, stay healthy and play.

Minnesota over Washington (Sunday night)
The Vikings are a team on a playoff mission and the Redskins defensive injuries will result in whiplash as they watch AP and Chester Taylor rush by.

San Diego over Denver (Monday night)
This game was supposed to be for the AFC West title. However, while the Chargers kept on winning, the Broncos...uh...didn't.
Can you say "boring?"

Last Week: 9-6
Season Record: 80-54 (includes Thursday)