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It's just my opinion, but...

...while ESPN posted their NFL Power Rankings, they had my Ravens still ahead of the Niners, Rams, Jets, Falcons and Dolphins- I still unfortunately think that all those teams could beat Baltimore at home.

...therefore, I proudly rank the Ravens as the 32nd BEST team in the NFL!

...wouldn't it be great to see the Steelers lose and fall to the Wild Card spot with the Browns capturing the AFC North title?

...perhaps if that happens, the Cleveland fans will stop with the whining about Baltimore "stealing" their team.

...if Baltimore fans still haven't let go of the Colts after 23 years, then don't expect Cleveland to forgive and forget any time soon.

...I'd doubt that Cleveland would want to trade teams with Baltimore after this season.

...perhaps now that the Browns are back as a contender, they will stop blocking Art Modell's inclusion to the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

...they should do this before he passes away, and allow him the honor and dignity of seeing this injustice turned around after all he's done for the NFL.

...Dallas' loss to Philadelphia combined with the Packers scoring consistency, might make the NFL Championship not anywhere near the slam dunk I previously thought.

...don't automatically count both Seattle and Tampa Bay out of the picture, as both teams can play with the other NFC leaders.

...the Giants and the Vikings fill out the NFC playoffs, although both will be overmatched to win three games in a row on the road to the Super Bowl.

...the same goes for the Jaguars and Browns in the AFC. you can see, I doubt the Titans catch the Browns for the final Wild Card slot. can also surmise that I don't think the Browns will beat out the Steelers for the AFC North title either.

...that chink in the armor of the Patriots that everyone's talking about will remain only that - a chink.

...the mark of any winner is doing enough to win, regardless of how they might have blown other teams out most of the season.

...therefore, I still think the Patriots will finish 16-0 in the regular season and 19-0 overall as Super Bowl Champs and will crown them as "Greatest team of All Time" if they do.