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Ravens-Dolphins Preview

It's sort of scary to be relying on Ravens QB Kyle Boller to save the Ravens from preventing Miami from meeting their destiny of a 0-16 season. However, the Ravens, as bad as they may be, are no Miami Dolphins! I've seen the Dolphins play and I know the Ravens, and sirs, you are no Dolphins!

A few comparisons:

The Ravens had high expectations prior to this season, based on their 13-3 season in 2006. The Dolphins were in the midst of a rebuilding process and had limited expectations, although certainly not 0-16.

The Ravens defense was the #1 defense on the league in 2006, actually able to carry this woeful offense when it needed to, while Miami's defense was good, but not good enough to carry the team through a rebuilding process.

The Ravens at least had Steve McNair (!?), while Miami was turning the reins over to an aging veteran (Trent Green) who was keeping it warm for a rookie (John Beck).

The Ravens backup QB, Kyle Boller, at least had over 30 starts in the NFL, and was much more prepared to take over the snaps in case of injury to the starter, as opposed to Miami's Cleo Lemon and John Beck.

Willis McGahee has been one of the few bright spots for the Ravens, while Miami's running attack has been decimated by injuries to Ronnie Brown (ACL) and others.

All in all, as bad as the Ravens have been, especially on the road this season, they still are a better team than the Dolphins. Baltimore's offense will score enough points for the opportunistic defense to provide their fans a mirage of hope against a team in even more disarray than the Ravens. Baltimore fans, don't be misled by their success this weekend, as the Ravens will continue to disappoint once they play the rest of the schedule against "real" NFL teams (Seattle, Pittsburgh)!

Ravens: 23-13


Who wins today's exciting AFC matchup between the Ravens and Dolphins?

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    Miami Dolphins
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    Who really cares?
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