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Week 15 Picks & Pans

As the Ravens get set in what might be their biggest test of the season with the most pressure to win of any game all year, I'll take a gander at the other games on the schedule and give my picks, mind you straight up and not against the spread, for those of you willing to part with your hard earned wages (like my brother-in-law!). Why is Sunday's game at Miami the biggest test with the most pressure you ask? Of course it's because the Ravens don't want to put the final dagger in the hearts of their fans by losing to a winless team! While the Ravens are certainly (!?) the better team in comparison, we all have seen what this Baltimore team can do when the game is on the line, haven't we? That said, I'll preview and make my pick for the Ravens-Dolphins game tomorrow morning. Here's the rest of Week 14's picks (Note: I actually picked Denver to win Thursday night, and will count the loss in my season record listed at the bottom of the post):

Cincinnati over San Francisco (Saturday night)
Yes, I'm actually picking the Bengals on the road, as the 49ers are now down to their third string QB with Trent Dilfer injured.

New Orleans over Arizona
Cardinals biggest threat (Fitzgerald, Bouldin) hurting and Saints still alive in playoff hunt, despite no Reggie Bush.

Green Bay over St. Louis
Don't be surprised if the Rams give the Packers a run for their money, with the return of QB Marc Bulger and the home field advantage. However, don't bet your house on a Rams upset either.

New England over NY Jets
While many think the Pats will run it up, this game will more than likely be a low scoring close game in bad weather.

Cleveland over Buffalo
The Browns at home with a very good offense will defeat a Bills team that has exceeded expectations.

Seattle over Carolina
The Seahawks have quietly put together an excellent season and may do some damage in the playoffs behind a revitalized passing attack, while the Panthers are down to their third string QB.

Tennessee over Kansas City
The Chiefs used to be so tough at home, but are now limited by injuries while the Titans are still alive in the playoff hunt.

Pittsburgh over Jacksonville
The Steelers are a completely different team at home vs. the road and hosting the Jags should lead to an undefeated home season, while the Jags are looking to nail down a playoff spot.

Tampa Bay over Atlanta
The Falcons are reeling from their whirlwind week, while the Bucs have been focusing on football and the playoffs.

Indianapolis over Oakland
Probably not a great game for rookie JaMarcus Russell to see a lot of action in. Let the vets take the snaps, and the hits from the defending Super Bowl champs and my pick for Defensive-Player-of-the-Year, Bob Sanders.

Dallas over Philadelphia
While a great rivalry game, probably not a close one, as the Cowboys will do enough to win while the Eagles play for jobs.

San Diego over Detroit
The Lions play like cubs on the road and will continue their season ending crash. The Chargers, on the other hand, may be peaking at the right time despite an injured Shaun Merriman and sub-par Phil Rivers.

NY Giants over Washington
This game won't be decided by a Joe Gibbs mistake, as the Giants keep finding ways to pull games out at the end and the Redskins are still grieving and praying for miracles.

Minnesota over Chicago (Monday night)
Vikings are one of the hottest teams in the league right now and are looking to nail down a Wild Card spot. The Bears, however, are also on their third string QB due to injuries and tough losses the past two weeks.

Last Week: 9-6
Season Record: 71-47 (includes Thursday's game)