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It's just my opinion, but...

...Bobby Petrino saw nothing good in his future as coach of the Falcons and bolted at the first chance (to Arkansas).

...if I was him, I'd have done the same thing.

...Louisville QB Brian Brohm, who probably thought he would be drafted by Atlanta, feels sort of screwed, although he'll still make his millions elsewhere.

...even though so many of the mock drafts I've read have my Ravens selecting Kentucky QB Andre' Woodson with their first pick, I still see more of a need for a shutdown cornerback.

...with their first round draft pick the Ravens should take Ohio State's CB Malcolm Jenkins.

...with their second round pick, they should take a shot at a QB, such as Hawaii's Colt Brennan.

...the Ravens will miss trading their third round pick to Buffalo as part of the Willis McGahee deal, although I'm not suggesting it was a bad deal as McGahee has been a huge upgrade over Jamal Lewis.

...the other major needs for the Ravens in the offseason, be it through the draft or free agency, are a big WR, a bruising RB, and more secondary help. a result of their poor season, salary cap victims will include Steve McNair, Derrick Mason, Mike Flynn, Samari Rolle and Trevor Pryce.

...LT Jonathon Ogden will retire and be voted into the Hall of Fame when his waiting period is up.

...while the Ravens performance this season has been a miserable disappointment, they have a good core of players and can easily rebound within the next couple of years.

...without trying to look like I'm making excuses for them, the injuries that they've had a key positions have been the biggest reason of their problems.

...perhaps the toughest positions to lose a player to injury may be the cornerback position, and the Ravens have been without both of their corners for a bunch of games, including the two lopsided losses on national TV, Pittsburgh and Indianapolis. Coincidence? I think not.

...if the Dolphins defeat the Ravens for their only victory of the 2007, it will send the knife just that much deeper into our heart. have to rely on Kyle Boller to save us from destiny just scares the wits out of me.

...that said, I still expect the Ravens and Boller to pull out a win on the road in Miami this Sunday.

...on the other hand, if Boller struggles then we should get a fresh dose of Troy Smith under center, as at that point there is nothing left to lose, is there?

...on the topic of Troy Smith, I just don't see him as the future QB of the Ravens, even though he deserves the chance to prove it or not - NOW!

...after agreeing to blog on the Ravens this season, I never expected it to be so difficult due to their disappointing play!