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A Crime Has Been Commited...

Time to get out the EKG machine and see if this patient still has a pulse. It looked like it coded on the table the other night and although it looked like a typical murder, it might have to be reclassified as a suicide. As the night began, it seemed like the patient was full of life, energetic, confident and ready to engage in strenuous physical activity. However, shortly after beginning exercise, the patient virtually and literally collapsed on the field, lifeless for the rest of the evening. No matter what lifesaving techniques were employed, the patient still was a flatliner.

However, this is no open and shut case. No sir, this case is still labeled unsolved and will remain so until the perpetrators are brought to justice. "WANTED-DEAD OR ALIVE" signs have been posted all over town, looking for those involved in this case. Even though the wounds seem to be self-inflicted, there must be suspects and accessories walking around freely throughout the city, hoping their assistance in this case will go unnoticed.

Well I'm here to tell you that I will not rest until those guilty of this crime are brought to justice. I plan to scour the city, looking for any clues to help me bust this case wide open. I have my informers and snitches out on the streets looking for inside information. Anybody who has any other information should contact me and I promise to hold your identity in the strictest confidence. In addition, any reliable tips or clues that could crack this case and help put these criminals where they belong will receive a reward upon conviction and sentencing.

Thanks for your anticipated cooperation in this case.