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In Game Thread...

Oh god, it's everything that could go wrong tonight.

Suzy Kolber just referred to the Southwest Air Commercial that goes " wanna get away?"

Willis McGahee just scored on a 30 yard run to make it 35-7. And you thought the Steelers were going to pitch shutout tonight. Ha!

Why is it that the weather seems to make the ball slippery for the Ravens but certainly not for Ben Roethlisberger and the Steelers?

Gee, do ya think the absence of both starting corners for the Ravens have affected them? Hmmm, do ya think Pittsburgh knows it?

What was I saying the other day in my post about the Steelers putting a Patriot/Redskin beatdown on the Ravens?

Wonder if the Ravens would just like to take the loss, forget about the second half and get on a warm plane back to Baltimore.

Maybe it was the return of the old Steeler Hall of Famers that freaked out the Ravens and took their confidence.

You gotta love how Hines Ward plays the game with a smile always on his face.

Gee, does Pittsburgh's James Harrison make anyone care about or miss Joey Porter? Who the hell is James Harrison!?

When you're down by four touchdowns, why do you keep celebrating every time you make a tackle?

And I thought the Orioles were the most embarrassing team in Baltimore.

At least I can go to bed early. But no, it's like a horribly bad scene: I just can't seem to look away!

I just remembered that the Ravens still have national TV games coming up against the Colts and the Patriots.

And to think I missed watching Heros for this!

More tomorrow, I need to take my medicine!