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It's just my opinion, but...

...I still think you can book it now: Pats vs. 'Boys in Super Bowl. one of the ultimate Ravens fan (see newspaper article link at bottom of this post), I am sad to say that we will be getting publicly humiliated on national TV for the next TWO weeks (MNF vs. Pats, SNF vs. Colts).

...yesterday's MNF game at Pittsburgh was a total mess, and the Steelers should be embarrassed and maybe even fined for the poor condition of their field.

...the Dolphins are this year's team with the worst luck, as evidenced by not only their winless season (so far) but their two games in monsoons (London, last night).

...speaking of the Dolphins, if they don't defeat the Jets or the Bills in the next two weeks, they should beat the Ravens in three weeks.

...even though everyone says they will use the film from the Eagles-Pats contest to gameplan for the Pats, you still need to hope that you play great and the Pats don't. of the best games this coming weekend will be the battle for the AFC South between the Colts and the Jags.

...the BEST game of the week, Packers at Cowboys, will only be seen by a handful of fans (including me) on the NFL Network.

...the Cowboys will win this game at home and if it was at Lambeau Field, the Packers would win.

...despite their unimpressive season, the Chargers will win the AFC West by default.

...same goes for the Seahawks in the NFC West.

...same goes for the Bucs in the NFC South, although I expect the Saints to wake up and get a Wild Card berth.

...based on the above opinion, the Lions fold and maybe the Bears get in as well.

...unless the Giants can turn around their typical season ending slump, they will be watching the playoffs from their living room sofas.

...while Randy Moss is the one catching all those toss-ups from Tom Brady, when a guys throws around 60 TD passes and leads his team to an undefeated season, he's got to be the league MVP.

...yes, I did say "undefeated season" in the previous opinion.

...that is why I think the Pats have a better chance of going undefeated than the Dolphins do of going winless.

And finally, it's just my opinion, but even though the Redskins' Sean Taylor always seemed to be in some sort of trouble on or off the field, he still didn't deserve to pass away a victim of a senseless murder. All fans join together to pray for Sean and his entire family. May he rest in peace.

Baltimore Sunpapers Article