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Chargers to host Ravens Sunday

Since it appears that SportsBlog Nation does not have a San Diego Chargers blogger, it looks like I'm on my own this week and will do both jobs. While I'll preview and pick the winner of the Ravens-Chargers game on Sunday morning, today I'll post my comments on San Diego's season, one which has been almost as big a disappointment as the Ravens with one huge exception.

The big exception? Luckily for San Diego, the entire division has been in the tank all season. It looks like no one wants to barge through the door and say, "I'm taking charge of this division!" Even the Ravens would only be one game back of the division lead if they were in the AFC West. It looks like it will most likely come down to either the Chargers or the Broncos. The game to look forward to is on Christmas Eve when San Diego hosts Denver for what should be the deciding factor.

Both teams have decent, yet underachieving rushing attacks. Both teams have young quarterbacks who have had up and down seasons. Both teams have good defenses that have looked good some weeks and horrible other weeks. It will be more of a survival game than a race to the finish. The division winner in the AFC West may end up with a 9-7 record, which will probably make them the #4 seed and most likely a date hosting the Jacksonville Jaguars (that is, unless the Jags catch the Colts!). Either way, unless both Denver and San Diego step up and make huge gains over the last six games, it's going to be one-and-done in the playoffs.

At least they can say they made the post-season. The Ravens....well,...nevermind.