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It's just my opinion, but... can book it now: Patriots vs. Cowboys in the Super Bowl.

...doesn't Brett Favre remind you of a young,..well..Brett Favre? the same time doesn't Tony Romo remind you of a young Roger Staubach?

...the playoffs are just about set in both conferences. In the AFC, it's the Pats, Colts, Steelers, Jags, and either the Broncos or Chargers or Browns taking the last two spots. In the NFC, it's the 'Boys, Pack, Seahawks, Giants and Bucs. The rest of the conference doesn't seem to want that sixth spot. seems the New Orleans Saints just can't make up their minds whether or not they want to make the playoffs this season. you think the Falcons wish they had traded Michael Vick instead of Matt Schaub? At the time, I thought they should have traded Vick and their fourth pick to the Raiders for Oakland's #1 and Randy Moss. Then they'd have Matt Schaub to throw to Randy Moss and could have used the #1 pick for Calvin Johnson. Wow, what a dream, eh!?

...the Eagles fans have always waited for Donovan McNabb to fail so they could confirm all their booing when his name was announced at the NFL Draft years ago.

...if I was the Pats, I'd never stop scoring, although I'd never keep all my key players (Brady) in too long and risk injury.

...that thud you just heard was the Detroit Lions returning to earth.

...Jay Cutler may end up being the best QB of his draft including Vince Young and Matt Leinart.

...San Diego is this year's 'Jekyll & Hyde' team, looking good at home and horrible on the road.

...JaMarcus Russell's time is now. What's Oakland got to lose?

...those two losses by Indy combined with their lackluster performance at home in their win over KC puts a serious chink in their mental armor, especially for their opponents.

...I thought the Steelers were much better than they apparently are, due to their three losses on the road to average or below average teams.

...Brady Quinn will get his chance at some point, but not now. Sooner or later, the Browns will do to Derek Anderson the same thing the Chargers did to Drew Brees when they had Phil Rivers on the bench.

...Jacksonville is quietly having a great season and may be the second best team in the AFC behind the Pats.

...I'd love to see Brett Favre and the Packers upset the Patriots in the Super Bowl!

and finally, it's just my opinion, but the Ravens will be much better off with Kyle Boller at QB. However, as long as Brian Billick is calling the plays he will choke in crucial situations just as he has done by inexcusably calling for passes rather than runs that have cost them the chance to win at Cincy, at Buffalo and this past weekend in their bizarre loss to Cleveland!