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Could it get even worse!?

You thought losing 38-7 on national TV was the bottom of the barrel? Wrong again. Getting shutout at home (yeah, yeah, I know, but the seven points the Ravens scored were at garbage time in front of your own fans by a 2-6 team who's defense was surrendering an average of 30 points per game has got to be even worse). Unless of course, you want to wait and see the beating the Browns put on us when they visit next week?

Six more turnovers for the second week in a row doomed this team once again. QB Steve McNair's defiant attitude towards his naysayers last week never made it onto the field as he was the same bumbling, stumbling fool that he has been all season, coughing up two fumbles and tossing a softball into the end zone at the end of the first half for an interception. His first two turnovers came with the Ravens in scoring position and cost the game right there, despite the fact that the Bengals kicked five more field goals on five straight possessions to open the second half. If the Ravens had taken the lead, the combination of their confidence and performance might have carried them to victory.

Right now, this team is where it needs to be, sorry to say. It must hit rock bottom if it is going to accept the fact that it needs major overhauling. The pre-season motto was "Unfinished Business." The only business that is unfinished with this team is to clean house. Out with the old and in with the new! My comments about the QB change in all my posts last week never rang more true with what all those in attendance saw yesterday. Everyone, that is, except Brian Billick, who mysteriously and stubbornly stuck with the #1 reason (other than himself) for the failure of this season. Once again, facing a fourth down and short yardage, Billick chose to pass rather than give the ball to McGahee. Yes, he completed the pass, but what would have been reported had they not made it? In addition, Billick challenged a call on a pass play completed by Cincinnati that was so obviously in bounds that the loss of the timeout as it was confirmed proved either poor coaching or just poor eyesight by his coaches upstairs.

Furthermore, the nerve of this team to show the Ed Reed's worthless interception of Steeler backup QB Charlie Batch in last week's Monday night embarrassment on the video screen should be insulting and humiliating to every Ravens fan in attendance.

Finally, Steve McNair's continuous poor efforts must lead this coach to make a change. His ineptitude is the leading reason that this team is playing for next year, and for the life of me I can't imagine McNair being a part of next year's plans. Therefore, give Boller the damn ball (how's that, Keyshawn!?), and let him throw it downfield. Even in a last minute mop up relief roll, he almost surpassed McNair in total yards and threw a 47 yard completion, easily the longest this year for the Ravens.

Even an excerpt from the SBNation Bengals blogger, CincyJungle, gives "credit" to McNair's contribution to their win:

But if you had to call for your key players of the game:

Offense: Chris Henry
Special Teams: Shayne Graham
Defense: Steve McNair

Next week, Cleveland comes to Baltimore looking to sweep the season's series. If you think this was bad, imagine former Raven Derek Anderson picking apart this team after our $11 million QB vehemently once again tells the media and fans all week how he will rebound and return to his All-Pro status. Cleveland offense is clicking on all cylinders and will not fail in the Red Zone as miserably as the Bengals did all game. Changes need to be made across the board and the Ravens can make a point by installing Kyle Boller under center until he either claims the spot for good or concedes it to rookie Troy Smith (Ohio State). Until then, the weekly dose of humilation will continue. Ouch!