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Week #10 Picks

While I'll dissect and make a pick for the Ravens-Bengals game tomorrow. today I'll look at the other 12 games, including both the Sunday and Monday night games. The big game that has replaced all the talk from last week about the Colts/Pats game is now the Cowboys at Giants. While I realize it's for the NFC East lead and perhaps the top team in the conference, it just isn't the marquee matchup the other game was. So with that in mind, here we go:

Steelers over Browns:
While Browns are one of the surprise teams this season, they lost 34-7 at HOME earlier this year, and no way they get revenge in Pittsburgh.

Redskins over Eagles:
Redskins have been tough at home while Philly is ready to implode if McNabb doesn't improve (hmmm, how would Donovan look in a Ravens uni?)

Panthers over Falcons:
Either with David Carr or the clipboard-carrying-while-wearing-a-visor Testeverde, they win this game. Not too sure, not too interested.

Saints over Rams:
After four games, didn't you think New Orleans' season was basically over? Now they're probably going to win the NFC South. Bulger is back and improving, but his o-line is going to get him killed.

Bills over Dolphins:
Buffalo has quietly improved and the combination of Losman passing to Evans is heating up. However, Miami could steal this game and pick up their first win if they play well.

Chiefs over Broncos:
My how Denver's star has fallen. Twice this season they've been blown out. Jay Cutler is hurting while KC has been playing well and should get the win to remain in first place in the AFC West.

Titans over Jaguars:
It's all about Tennessee's defense, as Vince Young's passing stats are almost as anemic as my Ravens. Jacksonville needs David Garrard back to remain in the playoff hunt.

Packers over Vikings:
Brett Favre's amazing discovery of the Fountain of Youth even makes me feel younger! Throwing the ball 60 yards in the air off his BACK foot would be impressive for a 22 year old. Minnesota's pass defense hurting and Lambeau Field helps, even though it still isn't a frozen tundra just yet.

Lions over Cardinals:
Detroit might be the surprise team in the entire league this year. Every week, the experts pick them to lose and still label them a fluke. Perhap after they win on the raod in Arizona and go to 7-2, people will start to notice this actually is going to be a playoff team!

Bears over Raiders:
Gosh, no matter how bad Chicago has been this year, I just can't imagine them losing to Oakland. However, that could just happen and if so, would be the dagger in their season while a welcome sign for the Raiders future.

Cowboys over Giants:
I actually wanted to pick New York to get revenge, but two things have changed from that first game in my mind. Even though the Giants have won six straight, their passing attack has dropped significantly, as game one was Eli's highlight this year. Meanwhile, Dallas' defense has greatly improved and other than the first game and the loss to New England (no big deal, the Pats do that to everyone!), they've rebounded and now add Tank Johnson to the d-line.

Colts over Chargers:
I'd like to pick San Diego to rebound at home in front of their fans to upset Indianapolis, but they have looked so...mediocre this season. Every time it looks like they're ready to take over the AFC West and return to playoff form, they lay an egg like they did in Minnesota last week. Rivers has been average at best and because of that, LT is finding eight and nine in the box. Sunday night will be no different as the Colts will stack the line and dare Rivers to beat them in the air while they double coverage Antonio Gates. Defensively, I just don't think they can stop an angry Colts team and I expect both Peyton Manning and Joseph Addai to have good games.