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Rookies Pass Test

It would be very easy to take up this space trashing the Ravens poor effort in their 9-7 win at San Francisco. However, I will remain positive in my comments, as this team is now 3-2 and still only one game out of the Division lead. It could be a lot worse (see New Orleans, Cincinnati, Chicago, St. Louis, Buffalo). I understand we beat a team whose offense may actually be more pathetic than even ours. However, with Jonathan Ogden already on the sidelines, our offensive line was not at full strength. During the game, we lost veteran center Mike Flynn as well as Ogden's replacement at left tackle, Adam Terry. To fill those slots with a second year player and a rookie supplemental draft choice and still win will have to be the focus of this story. During the week we will again look at the play calling and offensive meekness, but for now we will revel in a win on the road, which is still hard to do in the NFL no matter the opponent.