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Pass Rush is Key to Success

While this is probably true for all teams, it is the key ingredient to the Ravens' past success that has seen them perennially rank at the top of the league, and #1 overall in 2006. Last season, with four players (Trevor Pryce, Adalius Thomas, Terrell Suggs, Bart Scott) with over nine sacks, the Ravens created turnovers and provided the offense with short fields time and time again. This year, with only six sacks in four games, the secondary has been, well...ordinary. I don't care who your DB's are, even with Ed Reed patroling the secondary, if you give the QB time, he will pick you apart. Losing Adalius Thomas to free agency hurt, but the combination of that and Trevor Pryce's broken wrist which will keep him off the field until November 5th, has killed this portion of the Ravens' defense. This allows offenses to double-team Suggs and force the Ravens to blitz on every down, leaving the secondary open for business. This problem has made both Kurt Warner and Derek Anderson look like, well... a young Kurt Warner and a sharp Derek Anderson (what?)! It's very simple:
Pass Rush = Sunday Win