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Welcome to the "Beat Down"

My name is Rexx and my opinions will be gracing the pages of this site as a new member of Sports Nation Bloggers. While this is not my given name, it represents all that has been good to me. Rexx was the name of one of my dogs that was very dear to me. In addition, Rex Hudler stole six bases in the last week of the baseball season one year to boost me to the Fantasy League title in a big money league. Therefore, you see where the moniker comes from. With the pleasantries now out of the way, let's get to the specifics. "Baltimore Beat Down" will be the forum for me, and any of you who wish to respond to my rantings, to post my opinions, frustrations and hopefully the tauntings you've come to love (or revile) from the actual Baltimore Ravens themselves. All are welcome. GO RAVENS!!!