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After another poor preformance from the Ravens so-called vaunted defense, Baltimore flies to the west coast to face their past history. SF QB Trent Dilfer, filling in for injured 49ers QB Alex Smith, helped the Ravens win SB35 in 2001. As soon as the season ended, he was unceremoniously dumped for Elvis Grbac, and we all know that shortly thereafter, "Elvis has left the building." Dilfer was and still is miffed to say the least and has no plans to meet Ravens coach Brian Billick at midfield after the game for a hug. Wouldn't it be great to see Dilfer put up great numbers to lead the 49ers to a victory? Besides, his lack of mobility, weak arm and poor accuracy were the reasons the Ravens let him go six years ago. As ordinary as Baltimore's defense has been lately, they should get well against an awful SF offense this week. Look for Dilfer to be running for his life and waking up on his back quite often. Don't forget that Ravens QB Steve McNair threw for over 300 yards and RB Willis McGahee ran for over 100 yards last week in the losing effort at Cleveland. This offense could put up points, especially if the defense gives them a short field.