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The Pack is Back!!!

I know this is supposed to be the Ravens blog, but you just have to love Brett Favre and the way he won that game last night. He plays the pro game the exact same way we all used to play tackle football in the back yard when we were little kids. It's just that he's,..well..38 years old. The only thing that would have been even better last night would have been if it was done on the frozen tundra of Lambeau Field! Favre is the definition of everything we all love about the NFL. Not my Ravens. The Ravens have become this generation's Oakland Raiders, the most hated team in the league. However, for all the wrong reasons, New England is trying to take that title, but only because of their coach. For the record, I have no problem with his playcalling. Anyone calling it classless or running up the score should dial 911 and cry for the "wahhh-bulance!"

Back to hating my Ravens. As winning team players such as the Colts and yes, the Pats, you don't seem to see such individual displays of self-affection like you do on the Ravens. Even when these type of individuals such as Randy Moss, Daunte Stallworth and former Raven Adalius Thomas move into Mr. Belichick's neighborhood, they all seem to drink his Kool-Aid and now go through the motions without all the self-appreciation after every play. Sure, the Ravens can add 1+1+1...until it equals 22 players on both sides of the ball; however, isn't it easier just to add 11+11? Mind you, this Ravens team is extremely talented, with All-Pros all over the defense (Lewis, Reed, Scott, McAlister), and even a couple (Ogden, Heap, Mason) on offense as well. There are a bunch of veteran players on both sides of the ball who should temper the personal outbursts, at least until we are winning enough to hold up our index finger after each game. Until then, as so many fans have said, shut up and play. Winning makes everyone look better without the need for personal advertising. Jawing and tooting one's own horn when your team is losing the game or only has a mediocre (and third place) record is just, well...embarrassing. Unfortunately, after so much potential and pre-season predictions by not only myself, but the experts as well, the tone of this season Ravens has been exactly that - embarrassing.

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