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Furious & Bewildered

Just a short post to vent my frustration as the game has just ended with the Ravens going into their Bye week with a putrid taste in their mouths after losing in Buffalo 19-14. Between the penalties and play calling, this team has relegated itself to an also-ran this season. After the Bye week, they open in Pittsburgh and now face a 4-4 record and definite mediocrity. Another win-able game falls thru their fingers as the team now falls to 1-3 on the road. Buffalo gets credit for taking advantage of the opportunities afforded it by the Ravens defense and I was real impressed by their offensive line and especially rookie Marshawn Lynch.

That's it for now, as I am headed out of town until Monday afternoon, when I will make my Monday post. If I did it now, I'd embarass myself and probably be asked to leave the internet by the censor overlords.