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"The only thing we need to fear... fear itself." Hmmm,....that seems to go well with today's game against the 1-4 Buffalo Bills. While the Ravens road record is only 1-2, they have themselves to blame for those losses more than their opponents. Therefore, today in Buffalo, the Ravens greatest threat will be their own misgivings. If Kyle Boller can play a decent game and limit the turnovers, especially in key situations, then the Ravens should walk away with a victory. Boller does not need to make the extraordinary plays, just the ordinary ones. Today's game plan should be to run Willis McGahee down Buffalo's throats, throwing the ball just enough to keep the defense from putting 8-9 players in the box. I'd say a 60-40 split on rushing/passing would do just fine. However, the Ravens are going to need to get some additional running production from Musa Smith and Mike Anderson when McGahee takes a breather, especially if he's going to get the 25-30 carries that he should. The Ravens receivers match up well with Buffalo's defensive secondary, both with NFL receptions leader Derrick Mason's possession ability and Demetrius Williams' long ball threat. Despite the probable loss of tight end Todd Heap for today's game and the rookies starting on the offensive line, the offense should be able to score enough points to win this game. If the offense can move the ball even just a little and the defense forces rookie QB Trent Edwards into a couple of turnovers, then Ravens should be able to get at least one touchdown and say, three field goals (did I fail to mention placekicker Matt "it's not over 'til its" Stover and his 18 field goals?). Scoring 16 points and then unleashing Ray Lewis and his defensive teammates against a struggling Bills offense should be enough to go into the Bye week before a Monday Night Football matchup in Pittsburgh on November 5th with a 5-2 record.

Ravens: 16 Bills: 7

PS - It was interesting to read that after all the negative press about Willis McGahee's comments about perhaps moving the team to Toronto, the team has announced the possiblility of an exhibition game there next year and a regular season game shortly thereafter. Hmmm,...I guess that when Baltimore Colts owner Bob Irsay played a couple of exhibitions outside of Baltimore in the early eighties before moving the team to Indianapolis, we Baltimore Colts faithful had no reason to worry, eh!?