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Trent Edwards vs. JP Losman

By the title above, you'd think this was the Bills' blog, not the Ravens. However, I have a few opinions as to why the Bills have made the decision to start Trent Edwards for Sunday's game. This is for the same reason that St. Louis choose to give QB Marc Bulger another week of rest before starting him this Sunday in Seattle. Why in the world would the Bills put Losman out on the field, coming back from his recent injury, to face one of the most physical teams in the league? If Bills fans think that Losman is just not healthy enough to play, they are being misled. Management would be devastated if he returned, only to be re-injured again by the blitzing Baltimore pass rush. Trent Edwards is a young, strong and most importantly, healthy kid, who would be better able to survive the beating that he will be receiving this Sunday. Now, before the Bills' fans get their underwear in a tizzy, I'm not saying (yet) that the Ravens will crush Buffalo, I'm just saying that football is a very brutal and physical game and the quarterbacks in this league take a beating every week. Buffalo's offense has not been setting the league on fire (neither has the Ravens, for that matter), and whomever lines up behind center for them will have the bulls-eye on them all day. The Bills most likely won't have much success with the run (the league has averaged 67 yards/game running the ball against Baltimore), so Edwards will spend a decent amount of the game getting hurried, hit and sacked by the Ravens assortment of stunts and blitzes. Any rookie would have a tough time against Baltimore's confusing sets and schemes, and Edwards figures to be no different. At the same time, if by some reason he does have any type of success, it will certainly help his confidence, as well as give management a good look into his future development. Whether it be with Edwards or Losman at the helm for the rest of the season, one thing looks to be for sure- Buffalo will be getting a high draft pick next year and it certainly won't be a quarterback!


Who do you think would have more success at QB for the Bills against the Ravens?

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  • 3%
    Frank Reich
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  • 29%
    Jim Kelly
    (9 votes)
  • 25%
    JP Losman
    (8 votes)
  • 38%
    Trent Edwards
    (12 votes)
  • 0%
    None of the above
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  • 3%
    Who's the third string QB?
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