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Game Day - Ravens vs. Rams

If they played the games on paper, this would look like an easy win for the Ravens in their home crib. However, then we would have to miss games like last week's Monday Night Classic between the Cowboys and Bills. Besides, I guess USC last week and LSU this week would prefer it that way, eh? Unfortunately, they play them on the gridiron and I like it better that way. On the morning of each home game for the Ravens, I wake up and start the process. Breakfast, blog and then put on my Ravens threads, meet the guys and head to the tailgaing lot before settling into my seats at the stadium to scream like an idiot for three hours. Today will be no different. Be it the Rams or the Patriots, Colts and Steelers later this season, it's all the same - it's Game Day! Those other die-hard NFL fans with season tickets know exactly what I'm talking about. There's always the uncertainly, especially with my Ravens as to what will happen. As the say, "...any given Sunday..." It would be nice to get this one over with early in the second half, but with these Cardiac Kids, it aint over til it's over! Either way, the Ravens, be it with Steve McNair or Kyle Boller behind center, will overwhelm the Rams on the ground, while their defense harrasses Gus Ferrotte all day long, creating a couple of turnovers leading to points off the short field position given to the offense. St. Louis will abandon the run early and expecting them to pull one out for their first victory, on the road no less, will be too big of a task as the Ravens (finally!) run away with one.

Ravens: 30-10