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Week #6 NFL Game Picks

As we get into week 6 picks, there are three groups of teams this year. The Contenders, the Pretenders and the Offenders. Of course the Contenders include the Pats, Colts, 'Boys and Steelers (and of course, my Ravens-duh!). The Pretenders are those teams who seem to be doing well, but over the course of the 16 game season will probably settle back into mediocrity. They include the Titans, Jags, Pack, Skins, as well as most of the other teams with either a 3-2 or 2-3 records. The Offenders are broken up into two categories. Either the obvious perrennial also-rans, as well as those teams with great expectations that just have failed to live up to them. The former include the Browns, Bills, Jets, Dolphins, Raiders, Vikings, Falcons, Niners, and Rams. The latter is proud to welcome the Bengals, Broncos, Eagles and Saints. That being said, here are week six' picks, straight up (including a few upset picks):

Ravens over Rams
Bears over Vikings
Jets over Eagles
Browns over Dolphins
Packers over Redskins
Chiefs over Bengals
Bucs over Titans
Jaguars over Texans
Cardinals over Panthers
Patriots over Cowboys
Chargers over Raiders
Seahawks over Saints (Sunday night)
Falcons over Giants (Monday Night Football)