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Dangerous Rams Pose Big Threat

On paper, this week's game versus St. Louis looks like a sure win for the Ravens. However, they've proven this season that there is no such thing as a sure thing for Baltimore. While the Ravens offense has put up good stats in most categories, the one their lacking in is scoring touchdowns. McNair guides them up and down the field, only to settle for field goals once they stall in the Red Zone. That allows their opponents to make a quick strike with one or two plays (see SF game) and all of a sudden, a one-sided game is now up for grabs. The Rams, even without starting QB Marc Bulger, have exactly that sort of team. As long as Gus Ferotte has Tory Holt and Isaac Bruce, as well as Drew Bennett to throw to, they always have the ability to score in one play. Not having running back Steven Jackson will hurt them, but their reputation has always been of the quick strike variety. Ferotte threw for three TD's last week and unless the Ravens can turn those FG's into TD's, this could be a nail biter again on Sunday.