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Meet The Prospects: WR Jordan Matthews


It's no secret that Matthews is one of my favorite players in the draft. In fact, I have done everything short of erecting a "Draft Matthews" billboard in the Beltway to express my adoration for...

Rookie Profile: Arthur Brown


A closer look at the Baltimore Ravens second round selection, linebacker Arthur Brown.

Combine Workouts: Worthless?


While the NFL Scouting Combine gives lesser known players a chance to shine, most teams will not let these results change their draft plans.

NFL Draft Guide to Getting fired up!


Holy hell it’s Draft Week! In second half of this decade, The NFL Player Selection Meeting has become the highlight of April for every football-loving fanatic. I started getting heavy into and watching almost all the draft in 2003, which was a good year overall and an insane first round for the Ravens (side note: isn’t it crazy that Kyle Boller and Byron Leftwich are essentially the same age?) Since then, I have spent the fourth Saturday in April in an frenzy of film, food, friends, and freaking Mel Kiper, Jr.


Best NFL Players Ever Drafted at Each Position

Check out NFL.com's Ultimate Draft of the all time best players ever drafted in the first round from positions 1-32 by clicking here. Note that the 24th and 26th positions are respectively held by...

Ravens GM Newsome Shines on Draft's 2nd Day


The Baltimore Ravens GM Ozzie Newsome is a "Wizard" at finding future Pro stars on the second day of the NFL Draft.

Trades Upset the Balance of the League


The trade of Jay Cutler to the Bears from the Broncos could easily upset the balance of the entire NFL.

Cutler Deal Affects Every Team


While everyone else is debating who got the better of the deal between the Denver Broncos and Chicago Bears in the Jay Cutler deal, Baltimore Beatdown debates it's rippling effect on the entire...

Who do the Ravens take in the 2nd Round?


Many mock drafts have been written, posted and debated, but how many second rund mock drafts are out there and who do they have the Baltimore Ravens taking in the second round?


Ravens Left Out of Compensatory Draft Picks

The NFL released its list of teams receiving Compensatory Draft Picks for April's NFL Draft. The list, shows the specific location of the pick b round and number, as well as for what player lost...

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