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Browns to recognize Modell at opener


They're not saying what they're going to do, but apparently they're going to do something. The quote at the end of this piece made me go ?!?!?!?!: But Stewart [a "Browns fan"] has forgiven Modell. ''Sure, I have,'' he said. ''Everybody makes mistakes and it's his team, he can do what he wants with it.'' Am I crazy, or is this the average thinking of a Browns fan? I've never met any Browns fan who would say of Modell that it was his team and he "can do what he wants with it." Even more than 10 years after the fact. Sorry if this was already posted...I'm having issues connecting to the DBN homepage but can still read individual posts.


Art Modell Hospitalized, Reportedly 'Gravely Ill'

Former Cleveland Browns and Baltimore Ravens owner Art Modell has been hospitalized and is reportedly gravely ill.

Ravens' Bisciotti Ranked Among Top Ten Sports Franchise Owners


Business Review USA published their list their list of the Top Ten Sports Franchise Owners with Baltimore Ravens owner Steve Bisciotti at number ten on the list.

Art Modell Overlooked For Hall Of Fame Again


Former Baltimore Ravens and Cleveland Browns owner Art Modell was overlooked by voters for the Pro Football Hall of Fame once again.

Former Ravens Owner Art Modell's Wife Passes Away


Here is the official Press Release from the Baltimore Ravens on the passing of Patricia Breslin Modell, the wife of former owner Art Modell.

Cleveland Sportswriter Grossi Glad Ravens' GM Newsome Doesn't Have HoF Vote


Cleveland Plain Dealer sportswriter Tony Grossi is glad Baltimore Ravens GM Ozzie Newsome doesn't have a Pro Footbll Hall of Fame vote, or else it would be even more difficult for Grossi to...

Browns Most "Snakebit" Franchise of All-Time


NFL.com ranked the Cleveland Browns as the most "snakebit" franchise of all-time, and this Baltimore Ravens fan will continue to delight in their woes until they wake up and stop blocking Art...

Help Get Art Modell into Hall of Fame


Fans can get their voices heard and push to get former Baltimore Ravens (and yes, Cleveland Browns!) owner elected to the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

NFL Commissioner Goodell Visits Ravens


While NFL Commish Roger Goodell visited the Baltimore Ravens Training Camp this morning, Baltimore beatdown was able to ask the same question to both him and Head Coach John Harbaugh regarding Art...

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