Get to know Steve Smith

Greetings from a Panthers and Orioles fan! Enjoy a short vid by NFL Films and get to know Smitty. You guys are gonna love him!

Veldheer numbers- 5 years, 55 million (23 guaranteed) are FALSE!!!

For all of you freaking out that Veldheer got offered so much because of the implications on Monroe, Ian Rappaport has reported that those numbers are false and that there is an offer on the table which Veldheer is mulling over the weekend, but those numbers are not accurate. Read down in the comments on the tweet. The person who tweeted those numbers has already apologized from what I hear

John Harbaugh visits troops overseas


John Harbaugh is taking time this week to visit military members overseas. This, on the heels of winning the NFL's Salute to Service Award. (From the Baltimore Ravens' official twitter feed.)

John Harbaugh: 'Do you believe in miracles?'

John Harbaugh went on camera with to imitate his favorite sports call, which was Al Michaels from the 1980 Miracle on Ice hockey game.

Jim Hostler Out, Heads To Buffalo As Senior Offensive Assistant

Bills announced that Jim Hostler, the Ravens former WR coach, has been named the team’s senior offensive assistant.

Via Adam Schefter's Twitter

Tom Brady Needs a High Five

Tom Brady just can't catch a break... help a QB in need (or not)

A.Q. Shipley picks up guitar, learning Seven Nation Army

A.Q. Shipley is getting guitar lessons for the first time and his first song to play is The White Stripes' "Seven Nation Army," a popular tune with Ravens fans. Here's Shipley giving it a try.

Arizona Cardinals 1, NFL Network 0

NFL Network tried to be clever on Twitter, but the Arizona Cardinals had the last laugh.

Matt Elam tweets he'll 'never disrespect greatness'

In a possible response to an Associated Press story quoting him as calling Lions receiver Calvin Johnson old, after giving him plenty of praise, Ravens safety Matt Elam offered this tweet to his followers, possibly indicating he meant no disrespect.

Ravens fan runs on Soldier Field during weather delay

Post by Matt Marquardt.

What would you do during a serious weather delay? Well, this Ravens fan decided to run onto Solider Field while both teams were in the locker room. In case there was any doubt, this guy was apprehended by security. According to Matt Marquardt, the person who took the video and posted it to his Facebook page, this Ravens fan was talked into this stunt.


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