John Harbaugh hints at possibility of the Ravens scrimmaging in San Francisco next season

Joe Robbins

The 49ers are already scheduled to practice in Baltimore during training camp.

Both John and Jim Harbaugh have seen each other plenty since they faced off in Super Bowl XLVII in New Orleans, but the next official Harbaugh family reunion will take place in Baltimore prior to their scheduled Week 1 preseason meeting on August 7.

Back in April, it was announced that the 49ers will practice with the Ravens and scrimmage in the days leading up to their preseason meeting at M&T Bank Stadium. While this isn't a foreign concept across the NFL, it's the first occurrence in the John Harbaugh era.

However, it may not be the last. Earlier this week, John alluded to the Ravens returning the favor and flying cross country at some point to scrimmage the 49ers.

"We will go back to San Francisco at some point in time — probably next year," he said. "We'll see if it works out."

The Under Armour Performance Center has four total football fields on it, three outside and one indoors. Even with the ample amount of space, John did joke that the confines of the "Castle" may need to be expanded to house 180 players between the two teams.

"We could probably put another field out there," John said. "We could talk to Steve [Bisciotti] about that. He's here today."

While it's going to be nice to see his brother, John is more anxious about the learning experience this could provide his team, playing against what he believes is arguably one of the Top 2 teams in the National Football League this past season.

"We are going against a program that we understand what they're all about. We're not bringing some program in here that we don't trust [or a team] that doesn't believe in what we believe in as far as hard work."

Also likely to attend the practice will be their father, Jack

"Dad will be breaking up all the fights between the head coaches," John joked.

While it may be chaotic at times, this should be a good experience for both the Ravens and 49ers. The brothers often compare notes anyways, and it'll be good to see what practice film is put together and what is dissected from it as well.

Even though this will be a family affair, given the demands of training camp it could be difficult for the brothers to even find time for dinner with each other for more than one of the four nights they're together.

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