Ozzie's draft tales: Fifth round

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We will be looking over the history of the Baltimore Ravens' draft picks one round at a time. Today we are onto the fifth-round picks for the Ravens and selecting any player who regular contributed to Baltimore over the years. As I scoped through the players I found only four of 22 which successfully played for Baltimore. For fifth-round drafts, I feel 18 percent is successful, especially when drafting on the back end with compensatory selections.

Jermaine Lewis - Wide Receiver - Maryland - 1996

In the year 1996, Baltimore was given a football team. And with the 1996 draft Ozzie blew the doors off the first Raven draft, giving the NFL a top 10 draft of all-time after selecting Hall of Famer Jonathan Ogden, future Hall of Famer Ray Lewis, and the lesser known player from this draft, All-Pro Jermaine Lewis. Jermaine Lewis was selected with the 153rd overall pick, and the first fifth-round draft selection ever for the Baltimore Ravens. Lewis came in with a head full of steam and locked down being the Ravens kick and punt returner, and also the starting slot receiver. In his six-year tenure for Baltimore, Lewis broke loose for 23 return touchdowns. The most important of returns being a second half kick-off which Lewis brought back to the house for 6 points during Super Bowl XXXV giving Baltimore an insurmountable lead. Lewis accomplished many things in Baltimore, as he acquired two Pro Bowls, an All-Pro, Super Bowl XXXV Championship, and five franchise Raven records. Clearly Lewis contributed to Baltimore's success.

  1. Most career punt return yards (2,730)
  2. Most career punt returns (231)
  3. Most career punt return touchdowns (6)
  4. Most career kickoff returns (139)
  5. Most career All-purpose yards (8001) [later broken by Jamal Lewis]

Dawan Landry - Strong Safety - Georgia Tech - 2006

We now skip ahead 10 years as the fifth round was not very stellar for contributions to the Ravens. Landry changed that as he earned the starting position in the backfield for Baltimore. Landry immediately played into his role as the 2006 Ravens defense was frighteningly similar to the 2000 defense. The secondary could cheat with Ed Reed spanning side to side, and Chris McAlister and Samari Rolle being very talented CB's. Landry accrued 69 tackles, five interceptions, and even returning one to the end zone. The next two years Landry progressed and only sat behind Ray Lewis and Bart Scott in tackles on the team. Unfortunately in 2008, a terrible injury occurred as Landry tackled former Raven Jamal Lewis during week two against the Cleveland Browns; a spinal concussion. Medically cleared to play later on, Landry still missed the 2008 season. Showing promise, Landry cleared any miscues of being unable to play as he lead the team in interceptions (4) and returning one against the Browns. 2010 was no different as Landry logged 111 tackles, and a highlight play with receiving Ed Reed's intercepted football for a score.

Arthur Jones - Defensive End - Syracuse - 2010

While the stats on Arthur Jones are nothing special, Arthur Jones was a key player for the Ravens defensive success. Jones was a very skilled and powerful pass rusher in his 2012 and 13 year posting 4.5 and four sacks respectively. A few key plays made by Jones during Super Bowl XLVII helped push Baltimore towards its second championship with a fumble recovery and also an important sack against 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick. Jones was also a locker room goofball known for his ice cream excitement! Jones will no longer be donning the black and purple with a deserving contract for the Indianapolis Colts.

Pernell McPhee - Linebacker - Mississippi State - 2011

McPhee has been quite the player But with a few years under his belt, a regression has occurred; but that can be more attributed to switching from OLB to DE, and by acquiring run-stopper Courtney Upshaw in the draft and signing Elvis Dumervil after the fax machine snafu. However, McPhee has contributed to Baltimore as a rotational player and had a rookie season of six sacks. In the 2013 playoff run, McPhee strip-sacked Peyton Manning and in the AFC Championship tipped a Tom Brady pass to help seal the Ravens victory to play and eventually win Super Bowl XLVII.

The opinions posted here are those of the administrator of this blog and his loyal readers. They are in no way official comments from the team, and should not be misconstued as such, even though he thinks he could do just as well or even a better job!

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