Final 2014 Ravens Dream Mock Draft (NFL Comparisons)

Here it is, my final mock draft before tomorrow's real draft takes place. It's felt like an eternity, but it has given me more time to study players' strengths & weaknesses. This is what I would do with our 9 picks.

1st round: Ryan Shazier, LB, Ohio State-He is the best linebacker in this year's draft by a long shot. Strong, athletic, fearless defender who elevates the players around him. I like Arthur Brown, but I think he needs more time to ease his way in, and Josh Bynes is more than a liability. He would also be the 2nd fastest player on our roster (4.38) as a linebacker. Let that sink in. NFL Comparison: Patrick Willis, just smaller & better at coverage.

2nd round: Kelvin Benjamin, WR, FSU-Kelvin has fallen a bit which I love because he's a WR who has all the skills to make an immediate impact on our roster alongside Torrey Smith & Steve Smith Sr. He's a physical player who high points the ball, possesses deceptive speed & playmaking ability after the catch. If Flacco is in trouble, he can just toss it up to this power forward at wideout. NFL Comparison: Brandon Marshall

3rd round: Stanley Jean-Baptiste, DB, Nebraska-I'm infatuated with SJB's potential as a free safety. His size, instincts, hands & closing speed gives us a gift we don't have at the FS position. Great compliment to Matt Elam. NFL Comparison: Antrel Rolle, but bigger.

3rd round (comp): Daniel McCullers, DL, Tennessee-McCullers is a mammoth defender with deceptive athleticism. 6'8, 340 lb lineman who eats double teams for breakfast, lunch and dinner. He also clocked a 4.95 40, which is ridiculous. At worst, he is everything we wanted Terrence Cody to be. NFL comparison: John Henderson

4th round (comp): Robert Herron, WR, Wyoming-confident playmaker with blistering speed (4.35). He can line up in the slot, out wide & return kicks. He can also add depth to our coverage teams. NFL Comparison: Golden Tate/DeSean Jackson

4th round (comp): Walt Aikens, CB, Liberty-Strong, taller corner with speed to run with WRs downfield. He also excels in press man, something The Ravens like to do. He also isn't afraid to mix it up with TEs or RBs, so he would fit in great with Jimmy Smith & Lardarius Webb. NFL Comparison: #24 from that team who wears black & yellow (he who shall not be named)

5th round (comp): Brent Urban, DL, Virginia-If not for injuries, Brent Urban would be a late 2nd to 3rd round pick. That's how much I like him as 3-4 defensive lineman. He's 6'7, 300 pounds with a crazy wingspan & isn't afraid to jump up and use it. He also plays with nice leverage and a motor for a guy his size. Could rotate on the line at DT, then kick into NT on passing downs. This guy would give us one of the deepest lines in football, which can go a long way. NFL Comparison: Jared Allen/JJ Watt

6th round (comp): James Wilder Jr., RB, FSU-If you're looking for a big, physical back who runs like his hair is on fire, then your search ends here. Wilder stands 6'3, 232 pounds & is as strong as he wants to be. He would give us great value here & would excel as a goal line/short yardage back. I want a guy like this on our team. NFL Comparison: Steven Jackson/Adrian Peterson

Well, there's my final mock draft, ladies and gentlemen. I hope you all watch tomorrow's draft, cheer, boo & drink as many beers as your heart desires. -RealRavensFan

The opinions posted here are those of the administrator of this blog and his loyal readers. They are in no way official comments from the team, and should not be misconstued as such, even though he thinks he could do just as well or even a better job!

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