Brady Quinn was almost a Raven

The Ravens began targeting Brady Quinn in the 2007 draft, though the Browns ended up trading up to grab him. - CHirs Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

The Ravens were hoping to take Brady Quinn in the first round of the 2007 NFL draft.

If the Ravens had their way late in the 2007 NFL draft, Joe Flacco likely never becomes a member of the Baltimore Ravens.

And a probable result would be that the Ravens don't win Super Bowl XLVII over the 49ers. Flacco was taken in 2008 due a need at quarterback. Flacco has since been a durable leader that's been able to raise his performance in each postseason he's appeared in.

But in that 2007 draft, a year prior to Flacco's selection, the Ravens were close to taking another quarterback. Holding the No. 29 overall pick, the organization saw quarterback Brady Quinn falling down the draft board. A projected top 10 pick, Quinn was there once picks reached the 20s.

From there, the Ravens, according to Quinn and NFL Network's Daniel Jeremiah, a former team scout, began targeting Quinn.

"Here's something that a lot of people don't know," Brady told Jeremiah at the NFL Network's studio. "During that pick, I was on the phone with the Baltimore Ravens the entire time. So, I was talking to [general manager] Ozzie Newsome ... coach [Brian] Billick and [offensive coordinator Rick] Neuheisel, because I hadn't interviewed with them, hadn't worked out for them or anything."

Jeremiah was in Baltimore's war room when this was taking place. He said the feeling was that they couldn't believe Quinn was available this late.

The Ravens appeared to be willing to make a move. But all of a sudden Quinn received a phone call from a Cleveland area code. The Browns made a trade with the Cowboys to move up to the 22nd overall pick and decided to take Quinn.

Baltimore's draft strategy was forced to change, as they stayed at 29 and took guard Ben Grubbs instead.

The Browns' willingness to step in and take Quinn couldn't have worked out any better for Baltimore. Quinn hasn't had the NFL career may projected from him when he was coming out of Notre Dame. He's never started more than 10 games in an NFL season and thrown just 12 career touchdowns to 17 interceptions.

Flacco, meanwhile, has gone on to throw for 21,545 yards with 121 touchdowns to 78 interceptions. Oh yeah, and he's won a Super Bowl, with two additional AFC Championship appearances.

Let this serve as a reminder to the Flacco haters that things could have been much, much worse. Brady Quinn could've been Baltimore's quarterback.

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