My Ravens Mock Draft 2

My previous Mock Draft had the Ravens taking 2 wide receivers in the 1st three rounds. Needless to say that's very unlikely to happen, but I still believe that they'll take one there. Without further ado here's the mock.

Round 1: Calvin Pryor FS Louisville

I'll admit it's a slight reach for him, but I don't trust Clinton-Dix, Mosley, or Martin. I don't believe Lewan, Evans, or Ebron will be around at 17. And I think Lee and Beckham are bigger reaches than Pryor. With that said Pryor is the rangy safety the Ravens need and he has the aggression to complete the secondary.

Round 2: Davante Adams WR Fresno State

At 6'2" he's a large target for Flacco to take advantage of. He's not as explosive as Torrey but he's still got speed, his hands are strong and he will also fight for the ball. His route-running could use work, but since the Ravens have some depth, he doesn't need to start Day One.

Round 3: Antonio Richardson OT Tennessee

Despite his nickname Tiny this guy is a giant and surprisingly quick for his size. He excelled at pass protection and while merely being average at run-blocking, I don't think it would hurt much with Yanda right next to him. The reason I have the Ravens taking him instead of Martin in the 1st is that Martin is too small to play RT and only started two games at the position.

Round 3 Comp: C.J Fiedorowicz TE Iowa

He's the young,versatile Tight End that the Ravens don't have. He can take on defensive tackles on the line of scrimmage, and would be a good receiving option despite lacking the speed of some of his higher rated counterparts.

Round 4 Comp 1: Charles Sims RB West Virginia

Has good vision and is a fast, physical runner that can survive in the AFC North and work in a zone-blocking scheme. Also is good at picking up blitzes and pass-blocking. Is a threat in the receiving game as well.

Round 4 Comp 2: Anthony Johnson DT LSU

Very quick, even when he played with Barkevious Mingo he was the first off the ball and is very athletic and good at shedding blockers and playing the run game. Can make plays all over the field and give a boost to the defense.

Round 5 Comp: David Fales QB San Jose

He's accurate, coachable, tough, knows when to scramble, has good vision and has experience in the pistol and shotgun formations. The Ravens could coach him to be a decent enough back-up.

Round 6: Yawin Smallwood ILB Connecticut

Draft pundits are going mad over this one, but given the absence of a Ray Lewis/Patrick Willis/ Luke Keuchly type prospect and the overall devaluing of the ILB position, along with the Ravens skill with finding ones in the late round this pick makes sense. He looks like an OLB, but is fluid enough to help in coverage along with the run and pass rush. Despite having "only" four sacks in 2013, his awareness and acceleration helped his teammates make plays. Also with the depth the Ravens at ILB he wouldn't have to start immediately.

It's probably coming as a surprise that the Ravens aren't taking a corner here, but frankly I don't see the difference between Asa,Chykie, and a rookie CB. A rookie is still going to have to compete for the nickel job and in my eyes the Ravens are asking for disaster if they have a rookie CB vs. Drew Brees, Cam Newton, Matt Ryan, Andrew Luck, a revitalized Phillip Rivers, Ben Roethlisberger x2, and Andy Dalton x2.

The opinions posted here are those of the administrator of this blog and his loyal readers. They are in no way official comments from the team, and should not be misconstued as such, even though he thinks he could do just as well or even a better job!

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