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17 CB JUSTIN GILBERT, OKLAHOMA STATE - selected over Eric Ebron, due to my assumption that I would be able to pick up a quality TE in the second or third - which turned out not to be true. The Ravens need a quality third CB to pair with Jimmy Smith (developing nicely but coming up on the end of his rookie contract) and Lardarius Webb (who is at his best in the nickleback role, but if he returns to form could be a shutdown guy). Calvin Pryor was also available (Ha'Sean Clinton-Dix and Jimmie Ward weren't), but I see him as more of a SS and the Ravens need a coverage-focused FS to pair with Matt Elam.

48 WR JORDAN MATTHEWS, VANDERBILT - My favorite WR in this draft, on film. Matthews is big and crafty, has great hands, and is deceptively fast. I think he'll turn out to be a fantastic professional, and the Ravens would be lucky to get him at this pick (even if he's expected to be available).

79 OT JACK MEWHORT, OHIO STATE - I was hoping that Troy Niklas or ASJ would somehow drop here, but they didn't. Same with Joel Bitonio and Stephon Tuitt. Mewhort was a consolation prize to Bitonio and I foolishly hoped that C.J. Fiederowicz would fall to me at the end of the third, but he got snatched up at 87th overall, leaving the cupboard bare of the top tier TEs. Mewhort is a classic RT: B1G roots, 6,-6 309 lbs, not terribly athletic but a team captain and has a mean streak. A "blue collar guy."

99 DE KELCY QUARLES, SOUTH CAROLINA - Quarles was BPA, though I doubt that the rankings have been updated to deal with the recent story saying he's wanted for questioning surrounding a bar fight in New York. He denies involvement and wasn't known as a disciplinary problem in college, and he hasn't actually been accused - could just be a witness. Quarles played DT in college but for Baltimore's 3-4, he would be a 5-technique DE, at 6-4 and just under 300 pounds he's got the right build for it. He's supposed to be quick, strong, with long arms and have a lot of potential that is waiting to be tapped. Assuming the Ravens' "strong locker room culture" has survived the departure of Ray Lewis and Ed Reed, I think we can deal with Quarles' growing pains.

134 RB LACHE SEASTRUNK, BAYLOR - Again, BPA, though there are some interesting RBs that routinely last into the fifth and even sixth rounds in the Fanspeak mock drafts (Tyler Gaffney, Jerrick McKinnon), Seastrunk was a good value all the same. He's a bit small, at 5-9, 200 lbs, and apparently is raw both as a receiver out of the backfield and as a pass blocker. However, he's pretty interesting as a pure runner, showing a lot of quick cuts, vision, and explosion; according to reports he impressed at the combine in receiving drills. I could see him as being a very good returner and depth RB who could develop into a 3-down RB or possibly a 3rd down specialist if he gets comfortable coming out of the backfield and occasionally diving at pass rushers' legs.

138 QB BRETT SMITH, WYOMING - Supposedly this guy is sort of like a bigger (6-2 211 lbs), less hyped Johnny Manziel in terms of getting out of jams with mobility and throwing well under pressure. His arm has adequate strength for all NFL throws, and improved mechanics from NFL coaching could help with taking some of the arch out of the longer throws, and he's supposed to have an excellent mid-range game to go with good athleticism. As a backup/developmental QB, he's a good choice at the end of the fourth round.

175 TE LOGAN THOMAS, VIRGINIA TECH - Thomas is listed as a QB; however, though he has a strong arm, his decision making and accuracy have been questioned. He could be an interesting developmental prospect there, but he's actually a more interesting and promising developmental prospect at TE, considering that when he showed up to Virginia Tech he was the highest rated TE recruit in the country. He has exceptional size (6-6 248 lbs), athleticism (4.61 40-yard dash, 7.05 3-cone drill, 35.5" vertical leap), and the experience of seeing the field as a QB for several years. He's expressed a willingness to change positions, though of course he'd prefer to stay at QB; converts from college QB tend to have a heightened understanding of the game and good hands (his are huge, 10.75"), and the Ravens have the luxury of developing him behind Denis Pitta and Owen Daniels, two consummate professionals.

194 C RUSSELL BODINE, NORTH CAROLINA - Bodine is a versatile interior offensive lineman with good size, decent athleticism, and experience at both C and G. He's unlikely to crack our starting lineup at any point but would serve as quality depth in an area where the roster is in flux.

I did not have the opportunity to draft a promising Free Safety. However, Gilbert does provide another weapon for the secondary, and Lardarius Webb did play FS in college, so converting him to that role remains an option. There may be other veteran free agent CBs that can switch to the FS role, or maybe there will be a late salary cap casualty that we can pick up for cheap. I thought this draft handled all of our other obvious needs.

The opinions posted here are those of the administrator of this blog and his loyal readers. They are in no way official comments from the team, and should not be misconstued as such, even though he thinks he could do just as well or even a better job!

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