Mike Mayock: Ravens should be able to get top prospect at receiver in first round

Mike Mayock mentioned Marqise Lee as a potential pick for the Ravens in the first round. - Rich Barnes-US PRESSWIRE

The NFL Network analyst answered a few questions related to the Ravens on a conference call.

NFL Network analyst Mike Mayock took some time to answer questions with reporters on a conference call. A few questions asked were related to the Ravens.

Here's what Mayock had to say:

On this year's receiver class and if the Ravens can get a top guy: "Really interesting because it's the best wide receiver draft I've seen in years and obviously depending what happens in front of them. [Sammy] Watkins will be long gone and then you start to get into what flavor do you like. Marqise Lee is a completely different receiver than Mike Evans or Kelvin Benjamin.

"So I really believe when the Ravens get on the clock at [17], that probably at least one, if not two of those three, will be available and they bring different things to the table. Lee can play inside or outside. He's a dangerous kickoff return guy. Evans and Benjamin are kind of today's flavor in the NFL, those 6‑5, 230‑pound wide receivers, the back shoulder throws, outside the numbers in the red zone.

"I think if you're a Ravens fan, you're going to know that at least one, if not two of those three guys, will be available in that slot."

What should the Ravens do if a top receiver isn't available at their first round pick?: "I think when you start — first of all, I do think wide receiver will be there. We have gone through that already with [Marqise] Lee and [Mike] Evans. So if there's a wide receiver there, I think it makes a ton of sense.

"Secondly, the offensive tackle position, if all three of those top guys are gone, [Jake] Matthews, [Greg] Robinson and [Taylor] Lewan.

"Then I go back to the Zack Martin conversation and the reason I like Zack Martin is because he can play all those positions and Baltimore has got a player that's playing guard for them now, an all‑pro guard that was projected to tackle and they have done pretty darned well with him.

"I think he makes a lot of sense. I would be really surprised if [Eric] Ebron were still there, if he was, I would jump all over that and [Austin] Seferian‑Jenkins would make sense to me, also.

"When you're sitting there at [17] in this year's draft, I really believe somebody — it could be the third tackle, it could be the second wide receiver or the third wide receiver.  There's going to be somebody that gets to them where you go, wow, it's a great football player."

On Northern Illinois safety Jimmie Ward: "Jimmie Ward has done a great job, A, in his career. And, then, B at the Senior Bowl. I think the only negative on him is that teams worry about his durability. But the kid never misses a game anyway. Just the size that worries the teams. I think he's a great football player and I think he's going in the second round."

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