Your Sobering Up Cheering Guide and ATS picks

Last year about this time, I may have gotten a little loose with the grey goose written a series of gambling related articles that resulted in you being plus 9.5 units IE if you bet $100 + plus the juice each time you profited $950 dollars. But that was easy as I just rode our Ravens to victory. Given that there are no Ravens in these playoffs I've given up drinking. As of this writing we're 34 minutes, the average length of your Superbowl blackout.

Let's get to the picks and cheering:

Kansas City Chiefs at the Indianapolis Professional Football team* (pk 100/120 and o/u 46)

Whom you're cheering for: Indy, I still have a spot in my heart for Chuck Pagano. By all accounts a good guy and a former Raven. No actually you're cheering for the team that didn't leave Baltimore in the middle of the night. Give me Barbeque and give me the Chiefs

The Pick: Nobody plays up to their competition like the Colts, they've got wins against Denver, Seattle, these same Chiefs and San Fran.outside of Charles, nobody on Kansas City team scares you, and Succop has been shaky the last few games. So give me Indy, lay the extra juice (120 to bet on the Colts)

New Orleans at Philadelphia (PHI-2.5 120 and o/u 53.5)

Whom you're cheering for: Chip Kelly, because it's fun football

The Pick: There's a lot of analysis to be done, but it's all a cute way of saying that the Saints can't play on the road. It's going to be really cold in Philly. But the Eagles aren't fantastic on defense either. My pick is taking the Eagles and Parleying them with the over. But if you're unsure, I'm really confident in the over here.

San Diego at Cincinnati (Cin-6.5 and o/u 45.5)

Whom you're cheering for: There's no argument here for the Bengals and their red headed step child for a QB. Cheer for the Chargers because it's not the Bengals, and they Chargers play fun football.

The Pick: I love, love, love the Chargers in this game, that's a better offense than you think and Cincinnati has no business laying 6.5 here. I think this could be the highest scoring game of the week. and the o/u is only 45.5. I would feel better about this game if I could get 7, but I think you're making money picking the Over and parleying it with the team you like better. So here's the pick: Take the Chargers money line +254 and if you're ballsy, double your winnings with the over!

San Fran at Green Bay (SF-2.5 115 and o/u 45.5)

Whom you're cheering for: Jim Harbaugh, because the dude gives the best press conferences ever. So I'm cheering for more Jim Harbaugh press conferences.

The Pick: To take San Fran -2.5 you have to lay the extra juice. And I can't bring myself to suggest that as a value play, because there is not value there, but there is value on Green Bay at home +2.5 and you have have to lay $100 to win $100. The Tundra is Frozen, give me the Pack, and leave the o/u alone, I have no opinion either way.

Again, don't bet the mortgage, just for fun. Good luck!

Cheers! (dammit)

The opinions posted here are those of the administrator of this blog and his loyal readers. They are in no way official comments from the team, and should not be misconstued as such, even though he thinks he could do just as well or even a better job!

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