Don't mix up Dessert and Desert. Your ATS picks and Cheering guide

Last week I went 2-2 with my picks, however one of those picks was the San Diego Money line, so I lost 220 dollars on the Philly+over parley and Green Bay, but made money 354 picking the Chargers to win out right and and the team in Indy. (for the mathematically challenged that's a net of $134)

Living in former soviet countries has given me an appreciation for Desserts. I recently bit into a delicious cake only to find an egg shell in the frosting. Needless to say I'll never eat dessert in this country again. Hence me now living in a dessert desert. On to the picks:

New Orleans Saints @ Seattle Seahawks (Sea-8 o/u 44.5)

Cheering for: I love defense, and because their secondary has the best nickname in football, I'm cheering for the Legion of Boom! Seattle.

Pick: Originally I couldn't understand this line. New Orleans is a traditional powerhouse at covering so Seattle giving 8 here is puzzling. I know New Orleans is terrible on the road so, the narrative says. and I usually get burned with a parley. but I can't stay away from the over. So take New Orleans +8 and parley it with the over.

Indianapolis Professional Football Team @ New England (NE-7 o/u 50.5)

Cheering for: uhhhhhhh, I'm cheering for a chasm to open up and swallow both teams whole.

Pick: When New England beats teams at home it tends to hammer them. But without Gronk, I'm not scared of this New England offense, and this defense isn't what it used to be. So as much as it pains me, I like the team from Indianapolis+7.

Side note: Somebody asked me why I don't call them the "Indianapolis Colts" as far as I'm concerned the Colts play in Baltimore.

San Fran @ Carolina (pk 120/100 o/u 41)

Cheering for: I'm still in love with Jim Harbaugh, dude is funny, makes me laugh. And if Chuck Norris was a coach, he'd be Jim Harbaugh reincarnate.

Pick: This game is a pick em? seriously? and you get the extra juice only laying 100 to win 100 if you take Carolina? This SCREAMS trap game to me. But I'm falling into the trap, I love Carolina! Give me the Panthers.

San Diego @ Denver (Den-9 o/u 54.5)

Cheering for: I'm just going to sing "San Diego Super Chargers" all day Sunday!

Pick: The money line for this game is +316 for San Diego. These same chargers who have all ready beaten the Broncos this season. and dating back to last year Denver is 0-1 straight up when favored by 9 points or more in AFC divisional games. Mostly because of this:

Mostly because of this:

Rocky Mountain Rainbow - Joe Flacco pass to Jacoby Jones (via Bucky87)

The taste of your Bronco tears are delicious!

I believe this San Diego teams believes they're a team of destiny, I'll take San Diego for back to back upset wins. give me the Chargers money line!

As always, it's acceptable to bet your beer money, but not your mortgage!

Good luck and I hope you find these amusing or at least somewhat informative.

The opinions posted here are those of the administrator of this blog and his loyal readers. They are in no way official comments from the team, and should not be misconstued as such, even though he thinks he could do just as well or even a better job!

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