My projected 53 man roster

First, I like how Jason and realwillthrill present who makes the 53 man roster by declaring locks, bubbles, and outs. I especially like how realwillthrill explains who is in and out of the bubble. I'm going to model my version a lot like will's.


QB- Locks: Joe Flacco, Tyrod Taylor.

Out: Caleb Hanie.

Opinion: This has been the consensus by basically everyone for weeks. Joe and Tyrod have been fine for 2 years and most likely will be for another year at least. Total:2

RB- Locks: Ray Rice, Bernard Pierce.

Bubble: Bobby Rainey (In), Delone Carter (Out), Anthony Allen (out).

Out: Damien Berry.

Opinion: I know I have some disagrees here. Some put in Allen for his special teams and some put in Delone Carter for his power running and the fact that we traded David Reed for him. I think there is one reason we traded David Reed. We wanted to have room at WR for Aaron Mellette and/or Marlon Brown. There are two words to describe why Rainey is over Allen and Carter: Kyle Juszczyk. He can be an H-Back and a good return blocker. While you may say he also can catch, which is part of Rainey's repertoire, I think he will catch more at The FB spot. If we're at a 3rd and 1, we have some pretty good options. We could line up Pierce and Juszczyk and run with either one of them. We could line up with Rice and Juszczyk and either could run or we could get a quick route out of the backfield for either of them. Also, Rainey can return, which can help make up for Reed's lost. Sorry for getting so off subject .Total: 3

FB: Locks: Vonta Leach, Kyle Juszczyk.

Opinion: Very obvious. The best blocking FB in the league (getting paid a more reasonable amount) and a versatile 4th round pick. Total: 2

WR- Locks: Torrey Smith.

Bubble: Jacoby Jones (In), Brandon Stokely (In), Aaron Mellette (In), Marlon Brown (In), LaQuan Williams (In), Deonte Thompson (Practice Squad/Unknown IR), Tandon Doss (Out).

Out: Tommy Streeter, Gerrard Sheppard, Rashaad Carter.

Opinion: This is probably one of the most debated position battles the Baltimore Ravens have ever faced. I believe Torrey Smith is the only lock. Jacoby's talent is a lock, but his price makes it debatable. Stokely always has the threat of a younger guy taking his place. I had a hard time leaving Deonte out. It was him vs. LaQuan Williams for the final WR spot. I picked LaQuan for 3 reasons. 1- LaQuan is a special teams standout, which we probably need because of the David Reed trade. 2- We have other fine returners. Deonte was a backup KR last year and we don't need that very much. Lardarius Webb can do it (probably shouldn't), Asa Jackson can do it (If we keep him), Bobby Rainey can do it, LaQuan himself can do it, and of course we have Jacoby. 3- Speed on our roster. We talk about Deonte because of his speed. We have Jacoby and Rainey is pretty fast as well. Total: 6

TE- Locks: Ed DIckson, Dennis Pitta (IR)

Bubble: Visanthe Shiancoe (In), Dallas Clark (In), Billy Bajema (Out), Matt Furstenburg (Out)

Out: Alex Silvestro

Opinion: I actually had no trouble with picking this. Ed is a lock and Pitta goes to the IR. Clark and Shiancoe are the only ones who have proven anything (Not this preseason though). Some might put in Bajema for blocking, but we don't need that. Kyle could go and block as a TE in our goal line formation. total: 3 p.s. If Pitta comes back, I think Dallas Clark would get waived.

O-Line- Locks: Bryant McKinnie, Kelechi Osemele, Gino Gradkowski, Marshal Yanda, Michael Oher, Ricky Wagner, A.Q. Shipley.

Bubble: Jah Reid (In), Ramon Harewood (In), Jack Cornell (Out), Ryan Jensen (IR).

Out: Jordan Devey, Rogers Gaines, Antoine McClain, David Mims, Reggie Stephens, Joe Unga.

Opinion: The 5 projected starters have a for sure roster spot and a mostly automatic starting job. But they better not get injured. I'm not confident in Jah Reid or Ramon Harewood. Total: 9

Offense Total: 25

Defense (Just to tell you I list McPhee as an OLB)

D-Line- Locks: Haloti Ngata, Chris Canty, Arthur Jones, Brandon Williams

Bubble: Marcus Spears (In), Terrence Cody (In), DeAngelo Tyson (Out), Kapron Lewis-Moore (IR) Total: 6

Out: Will Pericak, Cody Larsen

Opinion: The locks are obvious. Spears is basically a lock. Is it time to believe in Terrence Cody yet. He has improved since my last prediction, where I picked Tyson over him. We should be awesome on defense this year.

OLB- Locks: Terrell Suggs, Elvis Dumervil, Courtney Upshaw, John Simon, Pernell McPhee, Adrian Hamilton.

Out: D.J. Bryant, Meshak Williams

Opinion: This is easy. The 6 there are performing very well and there is no reason not to keep it exactly like that. Total: 10

MLB- Locks: Daryl Smith, Arthur Brown, Josh Bynes, Jameel McClain (PUP/IR)

Bubble: Albert McClellan (In), Bryan Hall (Mysterious IR), Nigel Carr (Out)

Out: Brandon Copeland

Opinion: This wasn't the easiest to pick. I just have a feeling Bryan Hall will be here. He has just worked his ass off to get in shape to play MLB and I have a feeling Baltimore will find some way to keep him. Maybe he goes on the IR this year. Then next year we waive Jameel McClain to make room for him, and then start Arthur Brown and Daryl Smith. McClellan was pretty good next year and he should be okay for a roster spot. Total: 6

CB- Locks: Lardarius Webb, Corey Graham, Jimmy Smith, Chykie Brown.

Bubble: Marc Anthony (In), Moe Lee (Possible practice squad)

Out: Asa Jackson

Opinion: The 4 locks are obvious. I think we take Marc Anthony and then find some way to keep Moe Lee on the roster. I think we don't keep Asa Jackson. (Even though he did have a good punt return).

Safety-Locks: James Ihedigbo, Matt Elam, Michael Huff.

Bubble: Omar Brown (Until week 4), Christian Thompson (week 4 onward), Anthony Levine (Out)

Out: Brynden Trawick

Opinion: The 3 locks are obvious. I believe in Thompson for now.

ST- Locks: Justin Tucker, Sam Koch, Morgan Cox.

I'm tired of writing this article. It's over 1000 words. I don't need an explanation for these 3.

The opinions posted here are those of the administrator of this blog and his loyal readers. They are in no way official comments from the team, and should not be misconstued as such, even though he thinks he could do just as well or even a better job!

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