Aaron Mellette: Bright Future With The Ravens?

Ravens' WR Aaron Mellette celebrating after his touchdown grab versus the Falcons. - Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

Does rookie WR Aaron Mellette have a bright future with the defending Super Bowl Champs?

Rookie wide receiver Aaron Mellette has been one of the only consistent receivers in the two preseason games that the Ravens have played so far this year. Torrey Smith has been obviously consistent, as well.

Even though Mellette has only had two receptions, he still has 61 yards and two touchdowns in just two games where, mind you, he only played the fourth quarter or so. His two touchdown grabs have not looked bad, either. In both, he does well at getting past the cornerback to be able to get the ability to see and grab the ball with ease. Both passes were also perfectly placed by backup quarterback Tyrod Taylor.

One thing you have to look at is the fact that he is still playing against backup defenses, not starters. If he were playing against NFL starters, he may not be able to make either grab, but you never know. I'd suggest him running with the first-team offense next game, to see how well he can play with quarterback Joe Flacco, along with how he can perform against starting defenses in the NFL.

Head Coach John Harbaugh praised Mellette for his hard work against "hard coaching."

"Aaron [Mellette] has had a good week of practice. Not just in the two games has he played well, but he's had a great week of practice and I'd like to take credit for that," Harbaugh said. "But, it probably wouldn't be fair [to take credit]. I think he has done a great job battling through some adversity and responding well to some hard coaching, and that's the mark of a guy that I think has a lot of character, a lot of confidence -- so, he's done really well. [I'm] proud of him, very proud of him."

A few days ago at practice, Harbaugh called Mellette "lackadaisical" and "lazy." Since that day, Mellette has practiced as good as any other receiver, and he has played games better than any other receiver.

In Mellette's Elon days, he had 304 receptions for 4264 yards and 44 touchdowns, definitely not bad numbers whatsoever. Will Mellette be able to put up these kinds of numbers with the Ravens? Only time will tell, but first he has to achieve his ultimate goal: making the team that drafted him.

If he does make the Ravens for this upcoming year, I believe that the 7th round pick out of Elon will have a very bright future in purple and black.

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