My projected play at positions in 2013 vs. 2012 (Offense) [Defense and ST coming soon]

I'm writing what position production will look like this year compared to last year

QB: 2012 starter: Joe Flacco. Projected 2013 starter: Joe Flacco (better be). Comparing projected impact: Last year's production will be better. Joe had a good start to the year last year (minus Philly). He will not start out so hot this year. He will still be getting used to all his new targets. I'm hoping this transition period is not long, but I expect it will be there for at least a week or two.

RB: 2012 starter: Ray Rice. Projected 2013 starter: Ray Rice (with Bernard Pierce getting solid time). Comparing projected impact. The production this year will be around equal with last year. Not much has changed between this year and last. Ray Rice is still Ray Rice. Bernard Pierce is coming off a good rookie year. Our O-Line is staying mostly the same (except for Gino Gradkowski). Not much has changed, so neither will the production.

FB: 2012 starter: Vonta Leach. Projected 2013 starter: Vonta Leach. Comparing projected impact. The impact and production will be a bit higher. Vonta Leach will stay as the crushing run blocker. I listed the impact as better because now we have Kyle Juszczyk to throw in their occasionally.

WR1: 2012 starter: Torrey Smith. Projected 2013 starter: Torrey Smith. Comparing projected impact. The production will be better. Yes, Torrey, not Anquan Boldin was our #1. Torrey is just a year older and is starting to get the route tree down better now. The stats might not show any improvement, but that would be just because he is commanding more attention on the defense and making it easier for everybody else.

WR2: 2012 starter: Anquan Boldin. Projected 2013 starter: Brandon Stokely. Comparing projected impact. The production will go down. This is obvious. While Anquan wasn't the best WR, Stokely can not replace him. He will be a solid receiver but not Anquan.

WR3: 2012 starter: Jacoby Jones. Projected 2013 starter: Jacoby Jones. Comparing projected impact. The production will go down. Jacoby basically used everybody last year. A lot of the reason he did well was because he was usually around the 5th option on the offense that featured Torrey, Anquan, Pitta, and Rice. He was the last focus. WIth no Anquan or Pitta, he will be easier to stop.

TE: 2012 starter: Ed Dickson and Dennis Pitta (platoon). Projected 2013 starter: Ed Dickson. Comparing projected impact. The production will go down. Although Pitta was the better catcher, DIckson was in the game plenty because of his role in blocking. The TE position will definitely go down unless Dallas Clark become the Dallas Clark of the mid 2000's. Dickson can do fine, but him and Pitta would have been better.

LT: 2012 starter: Michael Oher. Projected 2013 starter: Bryant McKinnie. Comparing projected impact. The production will be better. McKinnie is obviously the better starter at LT as long as he stays motivated. He should be an adequate starter at LT until we draft or sign someone (hopefully in the next year).

LG: 2012 starter(s): Bobbie Williams, Jah Reid, Ramon Harewood. Projected 2013 starter: Kelechi Osemele. Comparing projected impact. Much better production. Osemele is decent at RT and amazing at guard. With him and Yanda we are set. In 3 years we maybe could have the 2 best guards in the league. Big improvement over last year.

C: 2012 starter: Matt Birk. Projected 2013 starter: Gino Gradkowski. Comparing projected impact. The production will go down a bit. I think Gino is definitely more physically ready for C then Matt Birk. He just needs experience right now.

RG: 2012 starter: Marshal Yanda. Projected 2013 starter: Marshal Yanda. Comparing projected impact. The best guard in the league continues to play like it. He is already amazing and he will probably stay like that. If he does, then great.

RT: 2012 starter: Kelechi Osemele. Projected 2013 starter: Michael Oher. Comparing projected impact. The production gets better. While Oher is not very good at LT, he is good at RT. Osemele doesn't have the best footwork. Oher should be an improvement there and I'm glad he is there instead of LT.

The opinions posted here are those of the administrator of this blog and his loyal readers. They are in no way official comments from the team, and should not be misconstued as such, even though he thinks he could do just as well or even a better job!

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