Who Will Break Out For Us


Which Ravens player will breakout for us this year

First and foremost, I want to apologize to the whole community. I am supposed to be writing Monday/Wednesday/Friday and I completely forgot this week. Now down to business.

Potential Breakout Players


Gino Gradkowski: We drafted him in the 4th round last year and he has learned (hopefully) our system and has learned the basics of being a good center in this league by Matt Birk. He will most likely be our starter and hopefully be a good one for years.

Torrey Smith: Some people might not consider him a breakout player, as he has already established himself as a premier deep threat. I (and many others) have heard and am expecting him to develop into a true number 1 receiver, who can run any route on the route tree and produce very well.

Dennis Pitta: He also will be helping offset the loss of AnQuan Boldin. I am expecting him to step in and play a bit of slot receiver, as well as his normal role as a TE.

Ed Dickson: I also am expecting him to take up a bigger role in the pass catching game. I think with Boldin gone, we will run more 2 TE sets instead of 3 WR when we're passing. He has the potential to be very good. He just needs to improve his hands.

Joe Flacco: He has Jim Caldwell calling the plays the whole year.


Michael Huff: Some people might not consider him to be a possible breakout player, as he is an established veteran. He will thrive in Baltimore for multiple reasons. 1: Talent around him. I think he will be good because he will have plenty of help around him. He's probably the 8th best defensive player on our lineup at best. He will be good because he will not be asked to do to much. 2: System and Position. If you didn't notice, Oakland isn't the most stable organization in the league. He will be playing FS every game most likely until he leaves in a couple of years. He is very good as a safety.

Jimmy Smith: He has all the right tools to be a great CB and it looks like he is finally getting it together.

Lardarius Webb: I think this a year he makes a bunch of noise and becomes a top 3 CB.

Sorry I coudn't come up with more defensive players, but a lot of them have been playing a while and probably reached their ceiling: Chris Canty, Haloti Ngata, Terrell Suggs, Elvis Dumervil. A couple are rookies: Arthur Brown, Matt Elam, Brandon Williams. The others are either disappointments or are stuck behind established starters on D: Terrence Cody, John Simon, Pernell McPhee, Courtney Upshaw (he could become a better run stopper this year).

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