Ravens Top Fantasy Players


Who are the highest drafted Ravens players in Fantasy Football?

1.) Ray Rice

Obviously Rice is the top fantasy player on the Baltimore Ravens. Over the past three seasons he has been responsible for about 40% of the teams offensive production. He is always in the top three in the NFL in yards from scrimmage and is usually a top five pick in drafts across the country.

This season some of Rice's carries will be taken by Bernard Pierce and he may lose a touchdown or two to Fullback Kyle Juszczyk as well but his prowess in the passing game may increase to balance out the detracting factors.

2.) Dennis Pitta

As far as tight ends go Pitta is a steady riser on all fantasy draft boards. He could easily lead the Ravens in touchdown catches this season as his chemistry with Joe Flacco continues to grow and he is and will be for the foreseeable future, Joe Flacco's favorite target.

There has been some speculation that Jim Caldwell will attempt to increase the use of tight end Ed Dickson in the passing game in 2013 but it is doubtful that this could effect Pitta's production.

4.) Torrey Smith

Having transitioned into one of, if not, the best deep threat in the NFL has made Smith a hot commodity for fantasy owners. While he may not be as valuable in PPR leagues his touchdowns and yards per game will most likely take another step forward in 2013.

Without Anquan Boldin in the mix this season Smith may be asked to do much more than just run deep routes all game. This could add to his value in PPR leagues as well.

5.) Joe Flacco

Flacco could easily be number two on this list if he continues to progress under Jim Caldwell but he will need to finally show consistency throughout a 16 game season to move up the list. I toyed with the idea of putting him ahead of Smith but again he has been known to have some real clunkers during the regular season. Perhaps that will be a thing of the past but for now here he sits at number five.

6.) Ravens defense and special teams

Special teams needs no explaining with Jacoby Jones again returning kicks in Baltimore but this season they will also have Lardarius Webb and David Reed able to chip in as well. All are top flight return men and stand to keep the Ravens return game at the top of the NFL.

The once vaunted Ravens defense is a complete enigma at this point but the strong defensive line and combination of Terrell Suggs and Elvis Dumervil could return this unit to turn over glory. With such a powerful duo of pass rushers and the teams best corner returning from injury this unit could turn out to be a real steal on draft day.

7.) Justin Tucker

Kickers are a pure luxury in fantasy and often are changed week in and out but Tucker is about a sure thing as there is in the NFL right now. As kickers go, he should be one of the first picked.

(Honorable mentions to Bernard Pierce, Jacoby Jones)

We at The Beatdown would love to hear your rankings as well. Please list them below!

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