Notable Ravens Snubbed on NFL Top 100

WR Torrey Smith hangs on the goal post in M&T Bank Stadium after a score. - Rob Carr

There were a few notable Ravens snubbed on the NFL's Top 100 Players of 2013 list. Who were they?

First off, I want to go ahead and say that this list has been horrid. If you haven't been watching the Top 100 Players of 2013 list on NFL Network, then you haven't been missing much. There have been many awful rankings already, and we still have the Top 10 to go. Guys like Brandon Marshall are ahead of guys like Dez Bryant, which is a little crazy.

There were 3 notable Ravens snubbed from this list, and I am not very happy about it.

First: WR Torrey Smith -- Torrey Smith was one of, if not the best deep threat in the entire NFL last season. Torrey caught tons of passes this year, many of them being deep. The Ravens, at one point, led the league in deep pass plays completed. In the 2012 regular season, Smith caught 49 passes for 855 yards and 8 touchdowns, more than WR Jacoby Jones and more yards/touchdowns than TE Dennis Pitta (both made the list.) The point is, Torrey deserved to be at least #100, as he greatly improved this season and was a major threat to opposing defenses. Torrey Smith played through adversity, but I guess that wasn't enough to put him on this list. He is not widely known around the league, so players may not think about him as much when voting, but he still deserves a spot, whether most players know him or not.

Second: G Marshal Yanda -- Marshal Yanda is widely known as one of the greatest offensive linemen in the NFL. To Ravens fan, he is the main machine on the offensive line. Without Yanda, Ray Rice wouldn't be as successful, and Flacco wouldn't have only gotten sacked 35 times, which isn't a whole lot compared to other NFL teams. Yanda is one of the best blockers in the NFL, and he deserves credit for everything he does. It isn't fair that he was left off of this list, as it wasn't fair for Torrey.

Third: LB Ray Lewis -- This is questionable for me, as Ray Lewis was out from Week 7 to Week 17, and came back in the playoffs. In the postseason, Ray Lewis destroyed opposing offenses as he led our team in tackles for 3 out of the 4 playoff games. In the Super Bowl, he had two less tackles than LB Dannell Ellerbe. The fact that Lewis did that at his age in the playoffs this year would be more than enough for me to put him on this list. Of course, I guess being out for 10 of the regular season games doesn't help your stock at all.

Now, it's time to look at the Ravens from last season that did make it:

It is expected that no more Ravens will make the countdown.

Let's also look at two quarterbacks that were revealed on Thursday that were ahead of Joe Flacco:

Is it just me, or do these two not deserve to be in the Top 20 players, especially ahead of Super Bowl M.V.P. Joe Flacco.

To me, this list is just a bunch of bogus NFL players that aren't doing anything right when it comes to voting for this list. Torrey Smith and Marshal Yanda definitely should have made it, while Ray Lewis should have probably been included, as well.

These notable Ravens snubbed should have been on the list, for sure. I'm sure many Ravens fans are behind me on this one, as we all witnessed the talents of these three NFL Stars last season.

Oh well, I guess a Lombardi Trophy is better than getting on some list anyway. I imagine we'll have the same amount of players on next year's list, if not more. Torrey Smith and Marshal Yanda will prove themselves this year and they'll make it next year. Just you watch.

Rant Over.


To honor two of these three guys, here are highlights of them from last season:

Torrey Smith: here
Ray Lewis: here (Wild Card vs. Colts) , here (Cool Song written for him after AFC Championship Game)

I am sorry to all of the Marshal Yanda fans; I can't seem to find any highlights of him from last year.

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