Baltimore Ravens Trivia Challenge

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Test your knowledge of the Baltimore Ravens with this Ravens trivia quiz from

1. When the Colts left for Indianapolis, the Baltimore area was left without pro football for 11 years. What year did the Ravens come to town?

2. Who was the first player to score for the Ravens?
Ernest Byner
Jamal Lewis
Tony Banks
Vinny Testeverde

3. This player was the team's first draft pick in their very first draft as the Ravens.
Peter Boulware
Ray Lewis" name="q3" type="radio" />Ray Lewis
Jonathan Ogden" name="q3" type="radio" />Jonathan Ogden
Duane Starks" name="q3" type="radio" />Duane Starks

4. Who was the first head coach of the Baltimore Ravens?
Ted Marchibroda
Brian Billick
Bill Bellichick
Art Modell

5. What was the name of the failed commercial internet service provider who reached a 20-year agreement for naming rights on the Ravens new stadium in 1999?

6. Who is the only player to play against the Colts in their last game at Memorial Stadium and the Ravens in their last game at Memorial Stadium?
Barry Sanders
Bruce Matthews
John Elway
Dan Marino

7. Who scored the first touchdown for the Ravens in Super Bowl XXXV?
Shannon Sharpe
Trent Dilfer" name="q7" type="radio" />Trent Dilfer
Jamal Lewis
Brandon Stokley" name="q7" type="radio" />Brandon Stokley

8. In 2004, this defensive back from the Ravens set a franchise record for the longest interception return, which came against the team that replaced them as the new Browns in Cleveland.
Chris McAlister" name="q8" type="radio" />Chris McAlister
Gary Baxter" name="q8" type="radio" />Gary Baxter
Ed Reed" name="q8" type="radio" />Ed Reed
Will Demps" name="q8" type="radio" />Will Demps

9. In which stadium did the Ravens play in their first season in Baltimore?
Camden Yards
Ravens Stadium
Baltimore Memorial Stadium
M&T Bank Stadium

10. Who holds the Ravens' record for most touchdowns in a season by a rookie?
Travis Taylor" name="q10" type="radio" />Travis Taylor
Jamal Lewis
Jermaine Lewis
Michael Jackson

Scroll down for correct answers, and post your honest score in the comments section below. Remember.....NO CHEATING!!!!










1. 1996

2. Vinny Testeverde

3. Jonathan Ogden

4. Ted Marchibroda

5. PSINet

6. Bruce Matthews

7. Brandon Stokley

8. Ed Reed

9. Baltimore Memorial Stadium

10. Jamal Lewis

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