My Edited Ravens 7 round mock draft

I made that one not very good and I will redo lots of it

1st round: DeAndre Hopkins, Wide Receiver, Clemson: I was really high on him after I looked at his stats. 82 catches, 1405 yards, and eighteen TD catches. That would make the Anquan Boldin loss much easier to bear.

2nd round: D.J. Swearinger, Safety, South Carolina: The more I watch him, the more I like him, and he can start right away beside Michael Huff and replace him when he's gone.

3rd round: Kirk Alonso, Middle Linebacker, Oregon: I read MP5's mock draft and it said he is a good coverage middle linebacker. That is just what we need. The McClain's could go on the first 2 downs and then we could put Alonso in on passing downs and we would be set at middle linebacker mostly.

4th round: Ricky Wagner, Offensive Tackle, Wisconsin: He is good in pass protection and decent in run blocking. Left tackles are supposed to be pass-blockers and we definitely need one. Great value in the 4th.

4th round comp : Vance McDonald, Tight End, Rice: I just love his physical attributes and I hope he makes it here. It will help offset the loss of either Pitta or I hope Dickson (I don't want Dickson to go I'd just rather lose him than Pitta).

5th round: Ray-Ray Armstrong, Safety, Faulkner: I just really want to take him and he would probably drop here because of his problems. Great Pick.

5th round comp: Montori Hughes, Defensive Tackle, Tennessee-Martin:I like him as our dt of the future and I will have a fallback option later in the draft. Would be higher if not for off field problems. I like the value.

6th round 49ers: Michael Williams, Tight End, Alabama: Will be our third and final tight end in 2014 (McDonald, Williams, Pitta/Dickson). He is a great run blocker for a tight end.

6th round: John Boyett, Safety, Oregon: He is an injury risk but who cares in the 6th. He could be one of our safeties if Armstrong didn't pan out. I like his skills. He's worth the risk in the 6th.

6th round comp: Kwame Geathers, Defensive Tackle, Georgia: Fallback option in case Hughes doesn't pan out and could help crowd the middle in goal line formations.

7th round: Elvis Fisher, Offensive Tackle, Missouri: Was very good but had two bad injuries but again it is worth the risk in the 7th round and if he can stay healthy one of the best steals in this whole draft.

7th round comp: Mario Benavides, Center, Louisville: I like him in the 7th and he could be competition for Gino Gradkowski. Hopefully one will be good.

If we could land this haul it would make me very happy. The way I drafted was i tried to go safe and the sure thing for the first three rounds and I started swinging for the fences in the later rounds. Because if 5th rounders don't pan out we're not going to get yelled at. I won't be right because I'm guessing we move up a couple of times or maybe move down. And me and Ozzie don't have the same brain. He's just not as smart as me (just kidding he's probably double my football smartness)

The opinions posted here are those of the administrator of this blog and his loyal readers. They are in no way official comments from the team, and should not be misconstued as such, even though he thinks he could do just as well or even a better job!

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