Ravens News Around The Web


Between Ed Reed's indecision, the season opener in doubt and Jacoby Jones dancing abilities, there's a lot of Ravens stories from other media sources aroundthe web.

John Harbaugh And Ed Reed Exchanging Texts, Remain Hopeful

John Harbaugh and the Texans' Gary Kubiak are both waiting for Reed's decision.

John Harbaugh of Baltimore Ravens -- Roster change part of NFL - ESPN

Although the 2013 Baltimore Ravens will have a different look than last season's Super Bowl champions, coach John Harbaugh seems to be taking the changes in stride, telling the NFL Network that it's impossible for a team to stay the same in today's NFL.

NFL - Baltimore Ravens, Ed Reed should move on - ESPN

If Ed Reed is looking for a money grab, the Ravens would be wise to let him walk, writes Ashley Fox.

Anquan Boldin trade spurred by Harbaugh bros call - NFL.com

Jim Harbaugh can be forgiven if he was suspicious about his brother calling to offer Anquan Boldin in a trade. Find out how the deal went down between the San Francisco 49ers and Baltimore Ravens.

Sports Radio Interviews " Blog Archive " Torrey Smith Isn’t Worried About Anquan Boldin’s Departure from Baltimore

Torrey Smith wasn’t happy to see his teammate get traded last week, but he understands the business of the NFL.

Ravens rumors: Dwight Freeney, Elvis Dumervil draws Baltimore's interest - SBNation.com

The Super Bowl champs need a new pass rusher, but they don't want to pay a hefty price.

Ed Reed still looking for right money to agree to deal - NFL.com

The Baltimore Ravens and Houston Texans want Ed Reed, but neither side is offering the money he's looking for.

Late For Work 3/19: Denver Post: Ravens, Elvis Dumervil Negotiating

Ravens' contingency plan at safety: Huff. Two opinions on scheduling conflict. Cold Harrison.

John Harbaugh: Trying to hold team together "worst mistake" you can make | ProFootballTalk

The Ravens have said goodbye to a slew of players that helped them win the Super Bowl, but that doesn't bother coach John Harbaugh much.

Kriegel at 'Dancing With The Stars' season premiere - NFL Videos

Our very own Mark Kriegel was at the the "Dancing With The Stars" season 16 premiere last night, find out what contestants had to say about Ravens wide receiver Jacoby Jones' performance.

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